Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say Goodbye to 2008

This post just a short post. Say goodbye to 2008 !! Wish everyone Happy New Year 2009 !!
Things that I wish in 2009,

I healthy always,
I become rich,
I study well,

May my wish come true, and your wish come true!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I In Newspaper Because Of Minex Jewellery

Last week, Minex Jewellery organize Jewellery Hunting around Kuching place. I am one of the "free men" to join this game. Although I spend few day to go around to look for it, but the result was "SO SAD".

And then, it is really funny because
I find the jewellery until show out myself in newspaper. "So Damn Pia"
Can spot me? Haha.. JimmyChin is busy taking photo there.. Haha
The newspaper should know I am blogger and put my address ma! Haha..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crazyfool Wish You A Merry Christmas !

This special holiday, I wish everyone Merry Christmas, receive many many present, if you dint receive any, dont be upset because I am the one who are same with you ! :D

We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Hereby, I thanks for all my visitor who keep supporting me, I will try my best to do something fun in coming time. And wish everyone happy always, healthy always, and keep supporting my blog ! Thanks You !!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice 冬至快乐

Today is Winter Solstice Day, which also mean 冬至节,a day that eat this ball ball, er.. also mean gather family? Something like that, everyone should know so I not going to explain it much. I going to say is how I do it.


The flour is the most important ingredient.

At first I did a smiley face hehe. Because I am happy.
Tada! Got hair some more! haha..
And this is a heart specially made for "dudu".
And and now heart is filled fully. Hehe
After make all become ball and become like this.Side look, quite nice looking leh!
And boil it with sugar water and done!
At here I wish everyone Happy Winter Solstice ! My mom always said, after eat this old 1 age !
This year Winter Solstice quite meaningful for me. hehe.
祝各位冬至快乐, 像汤圆,团团圆圆!一家开心!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Can You Tell About This Art?

What can you tell from looking at this art?
Guess !
If you correct! Congratulation ! But no present for you !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

1 Tera Bytes Western Digital Cavier Green Hardisk Review

Last week got PC Fair in Kuching, everyone brought something, so I also dont empty hand, I brought this. 1.0TB Western Digital Cavier Green Hardisk. At first, let me explain what is TB first. TB simply mean tera bytes.
1 Tera bytes = 1000 Giga bytes. This is 1 TB WD Cavier Green front look. It cost me RM 365.
Back look of the hardisk.
Actually nothing different compare to other hardisk. Just the capacity is higher and this is cavier green version which mean more save electricity ! This hardisk is very good one. 3 year warranty. Actually I buy this mainly want to backup my things.

So now I have 9 hardrive in my computer hahaha xD.

I have total 1640GB now. Who got more than me? Haha But after partition 1000 GB will turn to 930 GB haha. For more detail to this hardisk, check here

Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Make Crazyfool Shocking Face Video Review!

Today I going to show you the live video how I did this shocking face.

If you forget my old post about Let's Learn Simple Face Expression, check it. And hope you have fun for watching this demonstration of my shocking face video ! (dont get shock) haha

Saturday, November 29, 2008


朋友,送你们一首很难听的歌!嘿嘿!随便唱就录下的! 如果很慢,现停一下再开。
If load slow, please pause for few minute first !


Email :

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time is Running, To All Dear Friend I Care

This is just a post to let everyone know I am back from Sibu, nothing much photo is taken during this trip. I going to have final exam tomorow. So I am sorry to everyone I cant make any nice post recently until I finish my final exam.

This is a random picture I share with everyone.
An old television and a old video player remote control.
Since this is not a funny post, I will going to write something meanful which I hope my reader can accept it. Things around tell us how much we had grow, how much this world changed. Everythings, everybody change. There is getting less people using such old small tv and video tape player.
How much can we kept the things we do not want them to change?
My answer is nothing. Photo will become old, become yellow. Computer will broken, one day might dont use computer anymore, use brainster. Maybe some scientist successfully find out how to fully use brain, or keeping special chip which can communicate with brain.
Why everythings wanna change so fast? Why need such rule?
The only answer is TIME. Time forever running my friend. All my friend who I care, please be serious. Every single minute and second is passing no matter what you are doing. The more you sleep, the most time you going to lose it. That's why I always say sleep too much will die faster.
Although it is very stupid to say some time I really sleep alot.
But today, I going to have new life, everything change include me.
I wanna struggle with time, I want to be success as early as I can. I want to get marry with the person that I want. I want to have family. I want to complete my life without regret. Although many things I have did in pass might not seriously think of future, such as I dint study well in high school. And now my degree. Well, some time I think I really not enjoy study. LOL
Forget about my self. Friend, please understand how serious is time to us. Please stop playing if you are age over 19, which mean you are 20 already. Maybe you think you still young, and still can keep playing, yeah.. maybe you are right. So I hope if you are over 20, better stop playing, the more you play, the more you going to suffer in future. Only play for suitable time and play the right things. I hope everyone understand what I say. For me, I am really worry about my future.
Time keep history. Whenever time pass, history is record. Everyone have their history, memory. Bad, good, we human have all kind of memory. How we grow, how we change, seriously related to our memory. Although, you might have bad memory and you assume you going to be bad or have a bad life, you are wrong. What you want, what you wish, you still can change. I think if you ask all the prisoner, do you want to be a good person and dont want live in jail, they all will want it, but they dont have chance, because it's too late. Since we still got chance to choose and think properly what is the right things for us to do, why dont we choose the right one?
As everyday is a new day, why dont give yourself a chance to reborn in this every new day? Accept yourself, be yourself and stop doing something that will keep yourself in bad memory then you will always be no regret in life. I am trying now. I want to have a good life. We must always give ourself chance, forgive ourself, forgive other people who did wrong as long as they will change.
We must always give ourself chance in life. We can be good. This is what I always think. No matter what happen, I want to be a good person. No hurt to my self, no hurt to other.
I write so many, I just want to tell my self and friends, if my final exam fail, I not going to continue study, I will move to working life. And I am confident I can do well without futher study. Yeah, that's mean is time for new life. I accept it. Wait and see loh! No confident in exam.. kakaka.... Study something I dont like is a fool, yeah I am Crazyfool. But is also helpful in my future, so I dont mind. OK.. enough.. please wait for my fun post.. Haha...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sibu I Come to Rob Your Bank Again

Tonight 10pm bus going to Sibu once again. This is the fourth time I going to step Sibu Land.
Computer got window, so they also have, so call "Sibu Window" translate from chinese. And more or less, must have this Swan bird bird around the town.
I always come to this small bird town must got some special reason that always attracted me.
This "Standard Chartered Bank".
They invite people to 打银行. So I think it mean "Rob this bank".
So I decided to bring my secret weapon go for this mission.
4 little cute buddy. They are great companion. Haha
Chiong ahhh Sibu.. I coming...
Attention: If this bank really got robbed, is not related to me. Go to rob bank is only my buddy go. I go to sibu to attend friend wedding dinner as my previous post have mention. Haha
After I back will having final exam. 25, 27. After that more interesting post will coming out soon. Hope everyone will keep visit my blog for more fun ! Thanks you !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Dinner

Recently I attend too many wedding dinner until I cant stand it and wanna blog about it. In this two month time, I have attend 6 to 7 wedding dinner include last night. I usually attend wedding dinner alone, that's a bit boring to me. And most of the time, the couple who get marry, is I don't know them one.

Crazyfool is also a camwhore. To attend wedding dinner, I have to makeover my self.

I know, I should not look like this because even I bring my Ang Pao go,
they might tapao kolo mee ask me go home eat.

Stop talking about my hair because its already too much in my previous post.

Come back to wedding dinner. What is wedding dinner for? For me, I think is just to celebrate and announce to friend and relative that you get marry. When attending these kind of dinner, I always think when is my turn ? Can I look so happy like them? Both side parent attend nicely and cheer for the night? WOW, is impossible. Is better dont think wedding first, cause I still dont know got any girl want marry with me yet. haha

Attending wedding dinner, have to wait food come. So camwhore again to wait food come.

Well, this red card is not mean I getting marry and inviting everyone.

Is my friend she invite me to her wedding dinner on 22/11/08 at Sibu. Yeah.. another wedding dinner to attend. This time is my own friend wedding dinner. So should be more fun.

温尊富 My chinese name on the card. This is my first time attend my friend wedding dinner. Have to travel around 7 hour to reach her hometown (SIBU).

Here wish my friend happy forever, and born many cute healthy baby.

Well, actually I already married and wanted to invite all my friend and reader to come for my wedding dinner. But she not yet ready to announce to everybody. And we got BABY already. OMG. Here is our baby look :

Yeah I got Zhao Wei's (赵薇) Baby. Cute? Haha

Enough for lame joke. For those couple who want to know or play and see how if their face match and how their baby will look like, try from this website :

Have to wait it loading for a while.

Have fun trying ~ If get same baby face with Me and Zhao Wei.. you better be careful. Hahaha..

Friday, November 14, 2008

What Hairstyle Should I Have?

Well, today going to discuss what hairstyle should I have. For you to know, I always struggle with my hair because my hair got a little curly and thick. Usually if I go to saloon, they will help me cut to short and neat which I think my self can cut that for my self. Not much new style.

After months dint cut my Hair, it's obvious my hair so long now.
I know my hair can change my look very much. This is something interesting to me.
I can immediately give some one see my messy look, or a neat look I hope.
But this is not important to me.
After see my few month transformation, I sure nobody going to like my look now. I can scare many girl away by this. Although I believe appearance doesn't be the main factor, good heart and personality is more important, but this world is too reality.
Appearance become so important.
So I decide look for some help from everyone, what hair style should I have?
Below is some face or hair matching session, if you can't take it, please dont continue read:

Should I keep my hair longer and try to act like Takashi?
And hoping some director find me do movie?

Or drop my hair down like Jay Chow, and learn to sing like him? But my voice will blow u away.

Shave it to short like Obama?
And become the first Chinese Prime Minister In Malaysia?
That will not be happen,
So cover all my hair and keep moustache like Osama, and plan to bomb Twin Tower?
No is not that easy to get bomb and people to suicide for me,
so maybe
Shaved all my hair like Raja Petra, and writing many sensitive article ?
No, its is dangerous, I might caught under ISA as well.
How about
Keep my Hair long and dye to gold like Paris Hilton, hoping become her sister?
NO, I dont want to change my sex.

Ah.. too much trouble with my hair style.
I should just don't bother it and look like this Crazy Ah Pek when I old. LOL
Hope everyone have fun reading, please click follow my blog under the chatting box.
Or add my blog link to your blog. I have put some effort for all my post.
Is not easy to write something to entertain everyone, I hope I did.
And hope everyone continue support me. Thanks.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

John McCain Lose - How is His Feeling?

After reading so many blog posts about Barack Hussein Obama win the US President Election, I decided to post about John McCain lose for the election. Let us refresh back :

5 November 2008, is the US President Election day, the candidate was John McCain and Barack Obama. The result show that Obama Win and McCain lose.

John McCain VS Barack Obama

Most of the people have describe them to the battle of Black and White.

Of course when John McCain lose, many of their supporter feel sad. And there is some conversation between this two supporter below :

When the result declare John McCain Lose,

The first person who feel angry and sad of course is himself :

Although he lose, he said :

"Only I one person lose, not my supporter lose,

because any of us Win will same take good care to our country"

It show that he is very gentlement and accept the lose, but when I seriously think of it, the first thing come into my mind when he lose was :

Attention : I have no much opinion on who lose and win, because there is too much to know them and judge who is a better President. By the way, I always remember what Deng Xiao Ping said : "Doesn't matter if it's a black cat, or a white cat as long as it can catch mice, it's a good cat". (不管是黑猫还是白猫,只要会抓老鼠就是好猫)Which I strongly Agreed.
Addition : On TNH request I added Deng Xiao Ping photo and the meaningful sentence. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If You Think You Are Lonely

I am sure everyone understand what is the Lonely mean. I think everyone experienced lonely before, what is your feeling when you feel lonely? Scare? Sad? Boring? This post I going to say is,
"If you think you are Lonely
Middle Finger feel sad because he think he is Lonely

When Middle Finger open his heart, actually he is not Lonely

If you always online yourself and blog nonsense stuff and think you are Lonely

Dont get mad.....

Calm... Actually you are not Lonely......

You have lots companion beside you
If you still think you are Lonely......

"Remember your shadow is always with you"
Even if there is no one beside you, you yourself is the best companion in your life, you understand what you want, what you feel, and only yourself will follow you the entire life.
" Dont Lose Yourself "

Friday, October 31, 2008

Do I Really Look Like Takashi Kaneshiro ?

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Chinese: 金城武) born on October 11, 1973, is a famous Asian actor of mixed heritage - his father is Japanese and his mother is Taiwanese. He is a very talent and handsome guy and I sure many girls like him very much.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Crazyfool born on Fedruary 09, 1986, is a infamous Asian blogger of mixed heritage - his father is Malaysia Sarawakian and his mother is Sarawak Kuchingian. He is a very lame and funny guy and I sure many girls scare him very much.
After receive many comment on previous post saying that I look like Takashi Kaneshiro, I decided to make a comparison with him. Honestly, since I still very young, already got people say I look like him, but until now, I still not believe I look like him very much.

I take my face and stick to his face.
I steal his hair and I found that :
His eyebrow look sharp and nice, eye more electric (more good when shock girl), nose more long (longer life), lips a little look like him (his more shinny, maybe alot girl kiss him, and I dont).

After stealing face comparison, I decided to use my own face to compare :
His hair always nicer than me, his eye always look more power, neck longer than me. Ear flat than me. I guess, I not really look like him.
For some of my reader who say I look like him, I really happy and thanks you all. Haha..