Saturday, May 31, 2008

How lucky are we! There is still uncontacted tribes in this world!

See how is their house look like. They can still survive in this 21 century.

They dont even know what is aeroplane. As they hold up their arrow and wanted to shot the aeroplane! (Uncontacted Indians in Brazil seen from the air, May 2008)

Over one hundred tribes around the world choose to reject contact with outsiders. Some people think uncontacted tribes are stone age relics doomed to disappear sooner or later. But history proves this is not true - as long as they are secure in their own lands. If their lands are protected, they face a happier, healthier and more prosperous future than most of the people around them.

Now do you think we are lucky enough yet? We born in different places but we get good food, education and better life compare to them. Do you still think you life not good? NOO! We have computer and knowledge and so much other things ! Is time for us to wake up once again ! Appreciate our life seriously and do something useful! Dont waste your life! Time is life! Appreciate your time !

For more information about these uncontacted tribes, visit

Control your dream! Do whatever you like in dream!!

So Far, I not yet heard any people said that they can control dream. If some one does, share with me! What I want to share here is real and hope you got that kind of chance too one day haha. Ok, here I said I can control dream sometime. And I figure out usually at what time and what situation.

Say about control dream, is hard to understand how it works. My control dream here is like, when it is dream, usually people dream like real life or bit fantasy, even they in the dream, but their mind do nothing than just let it happen like watching movie or u have feeling for taste some food or something like that.

But, here in my controlling dream is much different, I can make the dream as I am really real inside and i can move what i like and do something that is under my control. I can feel it exactly real.

Ok, here I explain usually when I can control dream, of cause, this is very hard and not all the time I got chance of it, just lucky then I can make it. Mostly it happens when you are not truly fall sleep mode. I call it half sleep mode easier. How it to be half sleep? Usually happen to me in the morning, because morning is about to wake, estimated the time around 7-10am. Usually people like to lying on the bed for the first wake and continue sleep. Some time, I do that, and luckily I will turn to the half sleep controlling mode. Actually my mind is work and when dreams, I realize and I know I am dreaming and so I can exactly control the dream or dream something I want. Of cause, some time it is hard because usually I in half sleep mode, then if I over realize I am awake or my mind over imagine or bring it to dream, then the screen of dream cant come out and I will wake again. It is hard to explain how it works. Haha. But it is really very fun when you can control your dream, once you can realized it is dream and control the dream, you can actually can do some bad things and you not scare because it is dream hahaha. You can slap any people in u dream, or anything you like to do. Amazing ! hehehhehee...

Here I want to say, hope you can have the chance to "control dream" too. And wish me can truly master it. I just happen it for some lucky time. Hehe

Here is a website talking about control dream. Have fun !

Friday, May 30, 2008

Quality Celebrity Wallpaper!!

I share a very good website which got many pretty celebrity wallpaper! Please share my blog to all your friend !

Carmen Electra

Lindsay Lohan
Here is the site !

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do Your Nail Longer Than Me?

That is my finger nail..

4CM Length, who got longer than me? Hehe

This is Real. Believe it. I even can hold 10 pen with my finger. Do check out my video at here -> CLICK

I keep this nail for 1 year and around 3 month time. Started keep since last year 14 Feb. Haha. Dont feel creepy! You may offer a price to cut it!! Haha

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get 2 Free Big Mac for free! Hahaha !

Today I finally happen to go Mac Donal ! And what else I expecting for it? Of cause is the Big Mac, One Chant One Chance Promotion !

I really enjoy joining this competition because it is really so easy and fun. Greedy me win two Big Mac at once time. Haha. I win the Big Mac for only 2.92 Second for the first round and second round one around 3 second. Haha

Ah I am really happy winning this challenge. It is so easy and fun. Haha. I not worry for tonight supper and maybe tomorrow breakfast already. Yeah~ Mac Donal I lovin it! Haha !
Here is the video of winning 2 Big Mac ! Haha

Win 2 Big Mac for the Big Mac Chant Promotion! - Watch more fun video

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Miss Sarawak Talent Night 2008

10 Contestant Which perform tonight.Well, lousy camera cant get nearer to take better photo. Wait i get a good one, i will stand nearest :P

I enjoy the most watching these girl dance.

Careful.. you wear so short ! Camera men is just under the stage!

It call something like jungle princess dance?

she got snake later on you know? the snake is as long as her height -_-. She win
the talent night with another dancer.

Yah this one. Dance with the chair. Still ok loh.. not really powerful dance, maybe is sexy enough to win it.

Overall still ok lah.Not so enjoy it. The standard is not good enough hehe.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is not From 李白 !!








Tuesday, May 20, 2008

收集所有的力量 - 我为你我加油 !


今天,20 May 开始,我要和各位一起收集力量,我先为你们加油,我支持你,希望你的生活可以更有冲进,更有意义。每一天过得更加的美好,生活愉快,我在此为你打气,我在为你加油。



Monday, May 19, 2008

A Lovely Fire Burn

What can a matchstick fire can do? I remember i used to have a talk on my presentation say that "Each of us serve as a leader.And one leader creates another and another,just as one candle's flame light another and another, until the once-impenetrable darkness has turned to brilliant light"

Burn Burn Burn ~! A small fire have turn up a to be big !

At the end.. It have become a ~ Lovely Fireburn ~

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Sunday, May 18, 2008





希望天下男人+女人= 好的结局,现浪漫,再婚姻,才懷孕。
别做傻傻女人,笨笨男人哦! 这样结局就是= 懷孕,醜聞!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lovely Dinner

Well, cut some vegetable first..

Cooked with garlic.

My Lovely Dinner are ready to go, with extra slimmers pork vege soup..


Feeds is something good to notice you something new in the website. Especially for blog, any new post will tell you with number. Then you can just click favorite,history bar and find the feeds in your explorer. So no need have to always click my page to check got new post or not. Actually if you scroll down to the end of page, it have" Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) " you click it, and go to other page click "+Subscribe to this feed". Its done! Hope u get me! Always come back and read news and story~ have fun!! Going to upgrade my page to more nicely soon!

Can kill? HAHA Newspaper from Shi Hua

Read that? It tells you that just a weather report might have big wind in miri make people panic,some tree fall down, no electricity then, duno how it happen until satelite, phones everything can kill people. HAha.. If some one can control satelite that easy, so early that osama use it to fight with US lah..

Well, nothing to talk much more about it already, I still remember that it just happen same like the green bean, which if you eat, can cure sars or watever sickness i cant remember. That time is happy time for retailer and communication company.

My advice here is : Everyone please think independantly and dont trust rumors, get the prove first !

If you dont think independantly, always listen to watever people tell you, it will only make you cheat your self, nothing much benefit for listen to rumors. And when it happen to the business field, the big world, how are you going to fight with big company? once they want you down, they create rumors to make your company bad, as the time, you think u will believe rumors again? It just the matter whether u choose to cheat yourself or find the prove.

Have a good day~

Rumors or? Use knowledge to think !! Prove!!?

"I rather choose small knife to kill some one, I think that is faster than waste my call" , "Off your eye when it is 11pm, so that my knife will not stabbed you!"

Waiting for the call, it not happen le.. rumor again lo.. i dint feel i get what extra exposure too..aih~

Friends, I know, i know that rumors sound so real, everyone are crazy with it. Some how, can't you think it slowly, how it can works? The first things that is, mobile phone frequency is impposible can kill you directly in a short while, it only possible if you constantly talk on phone for a long term period.

Ok well, radio frequency cant kill. Now, is about the curse,now is 21st century already, only small country people believe in such things. I know it do exist, but, if happen at least with some reason, some kind of dark magic. It is not simply call and can curse you. Your ear is not that weak dont listen, it cant kill you..

well, believe it or not is up to you, i know, i not believe is sound i so acting or just want fighting with something beyond our thinking. Well, no prove i cant accept it. You believe it, you will automatic responsible for it. And.. we got knowledge, We can think.. Dont just listen whatever people sms you, or tell you. Such kinds of humor are so easy spread all over because it scare you, so you dont even think it.

So well, i dont believe it, come call me, i not scared of it. AND YA ! OMG I FORGOT TO TELL! MY PHONE ARE NOT THAT special can receive number which from black become red! I WISH and VERY WISH IT HAPPEN! Then my phone MIGHT BE A MORE HIGH TECH ONE LEEEE! and ! people say how many ppl already in hospital, how many people have die, why i cant find in newspaper kok le.. wait and see la.. tomorrow newspaper say wat..ah earn money again..newspaper got something to say liao..

I found that Mantra, which is a religious or mystical syllable or poem, typically from the Sanskrit language. This kind of language is just like so call "interpreted to be effective as sound (vibration), to the effect that great emphasis is put on correct pronunciation (resulting in an early development of a science of phonetics in India). They are intended to deliver the mind from illusion and material inclinations. Chanting is the process of repeating a mantra." Old time, ppl speak ocipala then can make rain.they said, their speech is kind of frequency which talk to god or watever to make rain or watever.

Aih talk so much I also dono how to say..Dont be too believe in those rumors loh..wait and see la.. if it is real, the world is finish already loh.. Just i know who is most happy, DIGI, MAXIS and CELCOM, congratulation ! next time make new rumor like you call 18374138701357(simply type one) then will lucky win 4d, like receive a call from 5135135413(simply type one), a rabbit will jump out from your phone ok? talk some more cheerful one la.Scared ppl not good la.and still spoil other country name..aiyah.. bad la..send more so that DIGI MAXIS CELCOM can earn again.. hmmp.. time to think work at these company, not bad too~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

when Phua Chu Kang say....

"Upstair's girl who wear very short, please come down, if not ah, my head turn up, then have to turn down again, if you dont come down, i see only loh!"

When a popular guy speaking, whatever it says, there will always have some body to listen, and somebody to believe at. Looking his style, acting rough, talk roughly, nasty, it still can bring him to become the popular star.

He is really great, as if one day i can be like him. I wish i could talk even more than him. Maybe, One day i will, i will and i will.

"Since A tiger have to hide in kuching, Make the tiger hide strongly"

"Just wait and see, its gonna have my statue some day in kuching"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Play This when you feel want cut some one!