Friday, May 16, 2008

Can kill? HAHA Newspaper from Shi Hua

Read that? It tells you that just a weather report might have big wind in miri make people panic,some tree fall down, no electricity then, duno how it happen until satelite, phones everything can kill people. HAha.. If some one can control satelite that easy, so early that osama use it to fight with US lah..

Well, nothing to talk much more about it already, I still remember that it just happen same like the green bean, which if you eat, can cure sars or watever sickness i cant remember. That time is happy time for retailer and communication company.

My advice here is : Everyone please think independantly and dont trust rumors, get the prove first !

If you dont think independantly, always listen to watever people tell you, it will only make you cheat your self, nothing much benefit for listen to rumors. And when it happen to the business field, the big world, how are you going to fight with big company? once they want you down, they create rumors to make your company bad, as the time, you think u will believe rumors again? It just the matter whether u choose to cheat yourself or find the prove.

Have a good day~

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