Saturday, May 31, 2008

Control your dream! Do whatever you like in dream!!

So Far, I not yet heard any people said that they can control dream. If some one does, share with me! What I want to share here is real and hope you got that kind of chance too one day haha. Ok, here I said I can control dream sometime. And I figure out usually at what time and what situation.

Say about control dream, is hard to understand how it works. My control dream here is like, when it is dream, usually people dream like real life or bit fantasy, even they in the dream, but their mind do nothing than just let it happen like watching movie or u have feeling for taste some food or something like that.

But, here in my controlling dream is much different, I can make the dream as I am really real inside and i can move what i like and do something that is under my control. I can feel it exactly real.

Ok, here I explain usually when I can control dream, of cause, this is very hard and not all the time I got chance of it, just lucky then I can make it. Mostly it happens when you are not truly fall sleep mode. I call it half sleep mode easier. How it to be half sleep? Usually happen to me in the morning, because morning is about to wake, estimated the time around 7-10am. Usually people like to lying on the bed for the first wake and continue sleep. Some time, I do that, and luckily I will turn to the half sleep controlling mode. Actually my mind is work and when dreams, I realize and I know I am dreaming and so I can exactly control the dream or dream something I want. Of cause, some time it is hard because usually I in half sleep mode, then if I over realize I am awake or my mind over imagine or bring it to dream, then the screen of dream cant come out and I will wake again. It is hard to explain how it works. Haha. But it is really very fun when you can control your dream, once you can realized it is dream and control the dream, you can actually can do some bad things and you not scare because it is dream hahaha. You can slap any people in u dream, or anything you like to do. Amazing ! hehehhehee...

Here I want to say, hope you can have the chance to "control dream" too. And wish me can truly master it. I just happen it for some lucky time. Hehe

Here is a website talking about control dream. Have fun !


acura said...

Maybe we are controlling our dreams subconciously all this time. We never know

Martin said...

CB i knew u would put that in ur blog haha, anyway this guy is for real(he's been doing this for years) lol i can vouch for him. =.='