Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get 2 Free Big Mac for free! Hahaha !

Today I finally happen to go Mac Donal ! And what else I expecting for it? Of cause is the Big Mac, One Chant One Chance Promotion !

I really enjoy joining this competition because it is really so easy and fun. Greedy me win two Big Mac at once time. Haha. I win the Big Mac for only 2.92 Second for the first round and second round one around 3 second. Haha

Ah I am really happy winning this challenge. It is so easy and fun. Haha. I not worry for tonight supper and maybe tomorrow breakfast already. Yeah~ Mac Donal I lovin it! Haha !
Here is the video of winning 2 Big Mac ! Haha

Win 2 Big Mac for the Big Mac Chant Promotion! - Watch more fun video


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SAUDAGAR said...

hahaa.same here,i love the bog mac chant,haha.i won 6 was pretty easy.heee.drop by my blog.heeee.

SAUDAGAR said...