Wednesday, May 14, 2008

when Phua Chu Kang say....

"Upstair's girl who wear very short, please come down, if not ah, my head turn up, then have to turn down again, if you dont come down, i see only loh!"

When a popular guy speaking, whatever it says, there will always have some body to listen, and somebody to believe at. Looking his style, acting rough, talk roughly, nasty, it still can bring him to become the popular star.

He is really great, as if one day i can be like him. I wish i could talk even more than him. Maybe, One day i will, i will and i will.

"Since A tiger have to hide in kuching, Make the tiger hide strongly"

"Just wait and see, its gonna have my statue some day in kuching"

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Falcon said...

he is damn funny blunt and funny at the same time