Monday, June 30, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim faces Sodomy Charge Again

Remember 10 Years back, there is a charge on Anwar Ibrahim for related in sodomy activities. By the time, it is big news in Malaysia but I still young and dont really know what is really happening and what is the meaning of "Chicken Fry" (鸡奸).

At the end, Anwar has been put into jail for many years.
I know that Anwar always feel so bad as he think he is innocent. 10 year later, he finally come out and he give a hand signal to show how he feel for all this 10 years.

Unexpectedly once again some one reported to police said that he been "chicken fry" by Anwar. Anwar claim that he never do it, and the report was totally wrong.

As the more things happen, I suddenly think of a movie.
You never know who is spy, who is the one are right or wrong.

I really dont know at the end, what will happen to them.

And will Anwar been charge and go back jail once again?

All the story above is just a story, nothing related to politic, personal cursing, nothing is right, is just for cartoon purpose. Saya tidak ada duit, dont sue me!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bill Gates has Retired From his Microsoft

27 June 2008 is the day that Bill Gates will officially retire from Microsoft, the company that he co-founded and grew into the largest software company in the world. Retirement, in the context of Gates, involves reducing his time commitment at Microsoft to just one work day per week. In case you dumb enough and dont know who is him, looks for more detail here.
He is the most handsome guy in the world and one of the richest person in the world as well. He have a great brain and has change all human being brain into computer. And now, everyone is depends on his software to do anything without using brain properly already. Haha..That's why he is more successful than many people in the world.

He has change the world, he open all kind of windows for your home, office, such as Window 95, 98, Millennium, Xp, Vista.
I seriously gone crazy when he suddenly change older window to Window XP. At that time, everybody is mad talking about XP and change all their window to window XP. Of cause, I follow the step as well, because I really scare to lose the trend.
After a few year time, Bill Gate getting bored with the design of Window XP, and he introduce the brand new expensive window call as "Window Vista". This version of window required high performance of hardware to support its operating system.
No matter how, I admit I am Microsoft and Bill Gates supporter, once the Window Vista come out, I immediately change my Window Xp to Window Vista. Although it is not something really easy to done it. Bill Gates wanna turn people to be crazy.
He has become the most influences window designer in the world, and no doubt no body can defeat him. Finally he is retired, and I think that I dont need to keep changing my house window for some time.

Could you think how the richest men, looks like when he retired for a long time?

Maybe... is just maybe..

This is a funny video about Bill Gates Retired :

Saturday, June 28, 2008

丁当 & 阿信 - 走火入魔

Since there is some friends request for this song 丁当 & 阿信 - 走火入魔 , and have difficulty to find it. I hereby share this with all of you.

If you like this song, please buy the original cd and delete it after 24 hour.

The download link is below:

Click Me 丁当 & 阿信 - 走火入魔.mp3 (CD Version) [Download]

If you want to the lyric as well, check for the comment.
Enjoy listening and thanks for coming to my blog !
There will more suprise and fun coming soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My FM DJ Jack Lim, 林德荣 In Kuching

My FM DJ Jack Lim 林德荣 come to Kuching ! 林德荣 is a very popular DJ in Malaysia. His radio talk show is from 6am to 10am and together with his partner Mei Yan 颜薇恩 always present very nice and funny show. You will definately not feel boring from listen their morning show program. He come to Kuching for his fans and replace his fail attendance of being a special judge on a singing contest last few week. And playing some games, talks with audiences and the singer.

There is a game on this show, compete drink a cup of beer and see who is the fastest. I stand at the middle. Tehee.. 1 Person have to drink all 5 cup. No lah.. Just 1 lah.. haha..
Ah I am kinda ready for that. But he got alot to talk to make that girl no face to show. I lose the game because I take 6 second to finish drink. 3 of them manage to drink for 7 second. Eh? I 6 second le. DJ Jack Lim, 林德荣 said that I leak out some of the beer when I drink, but other also got little lo. Maybe I leak out more.
Anyway, we still friend back although he misjudge me. He said give me 2 cup of beer, wanna cheers with me.
Although I dint win the game, he still feel sorry and give me a DVD version of the movie name "Ah Long PTE LTD 老师家老大",a funny movie which he is one of the actor inside the movie, and give me his signature to get his bank money.

Well, this is the special original DVD version of the movie he hand to me.

Special Thanks to My FM DJ Jack Lim, 林德荣.

All the post in my blog did not content any hate, or 100% correct information and please dont sue me for I edited anything! Saya tidak ada duit!

You can watch this to see how he wanted me to drink the beer. Been disturb by him. Shame -_-

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some event held on Waterfront Kuching Sarawak

Yesterday, some events have held on Waterfront Kuching Sarawak. It call as Bulan Kecegasan Kebangsaan 2008. Activities such as street balls, auto show, kayak and others.

This is so call street ball which they are having competition at that time. Wait.. Where is the ball? Nevermind, let's see how is the goal look like first.
Oh this size of goal is really different from what you see from Euro Cup or World Cup football. Because this is call street ball. So you guess how big the ball should be?
I guess is this big only. That's why we cant see the ball at all just now. Think of this, I remember ofour hero comedian Stephen Chow used to kick such small size ball as well. No doubt there are using that kind of size for their street ball competition I guess..

Across the road, we can see auto and bike show having there. I get excited to see these bike. I think this bike is ride by some kind of animal..

Woahh !! Lucky I run fast enough. Or else I cant imaging he will bring me go where.

There are some Lilo & Stitch Supporter as well. This I can understand maybe they enjoy watch this cartoon and miss it to watch everyday so they paint it on their bike. Now they watch this cartoon all the way on their ride. Quite a great idea men..
Another one with cute Stitch playing on fake beach. Anyway the paint arts is really cool.
I suddenly feel that this bike show has fill with animal theme. Are all this bike owner come from hutan? This lion can ride a bike, dont look down at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia these small city, our lion used to train for riding a bike Okay?
Back to another part. Auto show. All this is modify Toyota Celica, Proton Waja and the last one too small I cant see well is what car. I am sorry. All install with very good sound system.
Er.. sorry cant recall what is the first car suppose to be, car lover tell me please?
This car I sure definately is Mitsubishi Pajero second generation. It's own by my friend. Do you ever see a Pajero modified until this rock in your town? No, I guess only Kuching have it. :D
This is what a strong and superb sound system which can make you vomit directly if you eat full full and sit inside. All the car here is modify to be fast and furios and powerful enough to fly on the road.
But, I think this is the most powerful car in my city Kuching, Sarawak and Malaysia. Why? Because they dont have any super sound system, but they do have "e o e o", "tiu tiu tiu" alarm sound system which can clear the road and make you scare out of shit if you driving a superb car like no other.
So I do believe that, most of the people feel to give a hand to the owner up there, so that we can always Cepat,Mesra and Betul on the road and anywhere. :D .But maybe Bush not agree with us, I not quite sure.

At the end, I still recomment everyone to drive cheaper car because those car always on our budget and very save car oil especially during this time, petrol prices increase so much.

I truly enjoy driving out today and I hope there is more event coming out in my city :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

KP 238 Q Toyota Crown My old Car with Memory

Today is my sad day. Because "chicken" (a nick of a person) want pull away my old car. KP 238 Q Toyota Crown for sell as useless metal.

This car has brought since the year I born if I not mistake. I am 22 years old now. The car plate show that, this car is really old. If you understand how Kuching car plate number arrange.

Since I born, my dad brought this car and we all 7 family member always go out with this car together. It is still spacious for us to seat with 7 people. This car remain to be the purest car in my soul because no other car can replace this car. No other car can bring me and all my family member go anywhere together anymore.

My dad used to be driver all the time when we still young. When my dad out to work, my mom will drive us to school. My big brother get the license first and his turn to drive this car for some time. My big sister as well drive this car for some time as well. Down to my second brother also drive this car to alot place. My second sister not really drive car at home, but she did drive this car before. I am the last one to drive this car, and I drive about 2 year. This car has grow up with all of us and have all the memory to my family.

No doubt this car is very spacious and confortable to sit. I used to bring so many friends have fun around Kuching. I bet most of my good friends sit this car before, because I get licenses earlier than them. I really sad this car no longer keep forever at my home although it cant be drive anymore.

Although this car have alot accident record, it always repaired and still can drive us safe all the year. How many years? 20 years at least. I born with this car, this car has contribute his life to us all the year. He is a really "die hard" car. He always get repaired for any kind of sickness.
When I born, the car is looks new and stylish. And is consider quite a good and luxury car at the year when my dad brought it.

What else I wanna said about this car? I am really sad when somebody not own this car wanna pull away it. It just same as taking my blood away from my heart. Thanks to read my this sad post. If you ever sit this car, please drop a comment to keep this car in memory and I wish my old car, leave in peace.

Maggi Mee Kari Letup Flavor

Still remember a post about I promise no more hungry to my self? here . Tonight, I have enough time and mood to cook the best instant noodles I have, no doubt it is Maggi Mee. I brought a pack of 5 in 1 and free 1 package, so it has 6 packs actually. The flavor is name as kari Letup, it claimbs that "lebih kenyal, lebih pedas" (more hot).

This is how it's look like. I grab two package to cook as I am the hungry monster that need more mee. One is not enough to fullfill my stomach emptyness.

I cook with vegetables, mushroom, egg and chicken meat. And is done ! I know it dont really look so nice but I can tell you that, it taste really good. And it is not too hot for me because I add alot of water. Haha. And I like eat hot and spicy food. Which Maggi kari Letup is best choice for me.
This is my first eating look exposure in my blog. It taste really yummy Wohhh ahh. I think alot when eating this mee, I think of a business plan which may help me earn some money. Anyway, I think Maggi Co. will not hire me for eating their mee and advertise their product. Cause I look so awful when eating their mee. Haha.. I dont have a good look to make you feel eat that mee.
who knows?
someday it might happen right?

When I finish eat, I return to my room and I found another pack of

Maggi kari Letup flavor in my room. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chinese Ancient Art has Davinci Code Too

Chinese Ancient Art has Davinci Code too !! Very cool any funny ! Must follow the instruction to review the coolest code!! If you think it is very funny, share with your friends !

Click This photo and Press CTRL-A and see the picture will look different.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ubah Gaya Hidup, Change Lifestyle Part Two

If you remember I post a post about ubah gaya hidup, change lifestyle here, this post is ubah gaya hidup part two.

All citizens have started to complaints lots about the Malaysia oil prices increase and how to save cost. As this continues on, our lovely PM has taken the first move to solve the situation along with our lovely Najik. I have a strong feeling that, want the oil prices drop, is quite impossible already.

What else we want for? I guess no much hope liao lah... Lets us use bicycle as well lah.

But dont use kayu like them one arrh..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do Not Let Children Play With Flip Phones

DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH FLIP PHONES! A new study has revealed that flip phones can cause very serious sideeffects to the reproductive development of young children.Keep all flip phones out of the reach of children.Please pass this to everyone.If it prevents even one injury to an innocent child, it will have beenworth it.

Careful yah.. Dont let this happen !

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mother Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my mother birthday. Time goes really fast, she is 57 years old already. My mom calculates her birthday by lunar calendar, which always make me forget her birthdates easily. As she remembered me on yesterday morning, said that today is my birthday, and a week after dumbling or dumpling days is her birthday.

Although I busy my own life, and we getting less to talk to each other, she always my dearest mother no matter what and I should not easily forget her birthday, because I can remember so many friends birthday. After working, I went to buy a small present to her and hope that she like it.

Do you remember your mother birthday? And looks for a present for her? Instead of only remember your friend’s birthday and get them present. I hope that everyone should not forget our lovely mother and have problem with your parent. No matters how, don’t forget that they make you out and grow you.

Once again, happy birthday to my mother, I wish her have a good health of life and happy always.