Monday, June 30, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim faces Sodomy Charge Again

Remember 10 Years back, there is a charge on Anwar Ibrahim for related in sodomy activities. By the time, it is big news in Malaysia but I still young and dont really know what is really happening and what is the meaning of "Chicken Fry" (鸡奸).

At the end, Anwar has been put into jail for many years.
I know that Anwar always feel so bad as he think he is innocent. 10 year later, he finally come out and he give a hand signal to show how he feel for all this 10 years.

Unexpectedly once again some one reported to police said that he been "chicken fry" by Anwar. Anwar claim that he never do it, and the report was totally wrong.

As the more things happen, I suddenly think of a movie.
You never know who is spy, who is the one are right or wrong.

I really dont know at the end, what will happen to them.

And will Anwar been charge and go back jail once again?

All the story above is just a story, nothing related to politic, personal cursing, nothing is right, is just for cartoon purpose. Saya tidak ada duit, dont sue me!


TNH said...

fake fake old folk rape a can this sure got spy...

Pinky_piglet said...

i just feel sweat only...

lsm said...

haiZ.. how come so stupid use the same trick to sue same people again. really stupid. haha
don dare to comment too much, scare kena sue. hehe

Keith said...

Nice work Choon Foo. Glad to have u around to show the funny things that happen. By the way, any idea how to make the Altantuya case funny as well ?

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha i will think about it .. thanks for the idea hehe

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