Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bill Gates has Retired From his Microsoft

27 June 2008 is the day that Bill Gates will officially retire from Microsoft, the company that he co-founded and grew into the largest software company in the world. Retirement, in the context of Gates, involves reducing his time commitment at Microsoft to just one work day per week. In case you dumb enough and dont know who is him, looks for more detail here.
He is the most handsome guy in the world and one of the richest person in the world as well. He have a great brain and has change all human being brain into computer. And now, everyone is depends on his software to do anything without using brain properly already. Haha..That's why he is more successful than many people in the world.

He has change the world, he open all kind of windows for your home, office, such as Window 95, 98, Millennium, Xp, Vista.
I seriously gone crazy when he suddenly change older window to Window XP. At that time, everybody is mad talking about XP and change all their window to window XP. Of cause, I follow the step as well, because I really scare to lose the trend.
After a few year time, Bill Gate getting bored with the design of Window XP, and he introduce the brand new expensive window call as "Window Vista". This version of window required high performance of hardware to support its operating system.
No matter how, I admit I am Microsoft and Bill Gates supporter, once the Window Vista come out, I immediately change my Window Xp to Window Vista. Although it is not something really easy to done it. Bill Gates wanna turn people to be crazy.
He has become the most influences window designer in the world, and no doubt no body can defeat him. Finally he is retired, and I think that I dont need to keep changing my house window for some time.

Could you think how the richest men, looks like when he retired for a long time?

Maybe... is just maybe..

This is a funny video about Bill Gates Retired :


TNH said...

is that Bill Gates house in Malaysia?bangalore oh...haha

Borneo Falcon said...

Wonder why he retire

Anonymous said...

oooh....he really retire already ar...hopefully windows will not change so often...if not, i also wanna follow up to i'm using window vista... :D