Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chinese Art Exhibition 2008

Today I appear to went to Inti College Sarawak for the Chinese Art Exhibition 2008. One of the purpose for this exhibition is to collect money from selling arts and donate to Sichuan. All the photo below is draw by 8 acclaimed artists from China. This event will be held on today, and tomorrow.

This is the best art piece I like among the rest. Got 2 small BIRD there oh!

All this arts is very valuable and cost from RM1000-RM 64000.

Very nice arts right? All is draw by hand, unbelievable. Feeling to bring them home or not?

I find a very interesting arts piece which I like it very much too !

Anyway, I feel like bring "this" home more ... :P

I manage to take some video. Got present a song name "Cheng Nuo" "承诺" Remix Slow and Rock Verision. Niceeee Song! And a very short moment of how those artist draw, very cool !

Chinese Art Exhibition at Inti College Sarawak -


iCalvyn said...

all the art are very nice

Titan said...

foo chai, haver you ask their permission to display those photos in your blog...

Hehehe becareful... later they sui u then u need to pay money oh...


Big bro said...

Hehe..I think the song sound must better when fast forward..