Monday, June 2, 2008

"Eat a Chip like Kenny Sia" Contest!

Hey friend out there! A very good chance for you to travel to Thailand for freE!!!! 4 day 3 night trip and tour guide is Kenny Sia! I going to join this! I cant wait to go buy mister potato and take some photo and join this contest! I want go travel!! For more information,

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Titan said...

hey brother,

I saw the Kennysia's photo liao.
Some point you must take consider!

1. First, you must wet your body first. Go to take a bath and dont dry your hair.

2. Practice to turn your head 45 degree.

3. Someone need to help you to throw the "good sharp" of potatoes to you.

4. Someone need to help you take a photos.

5. Don't forget to put the pototes brand at the bottom right side ok. Tips: you can copy it from Kenny sia's photos. THIS IS MUST! Else you disqualify!.

6. Remember to treat me a meal ar.. when you win this games 10Q