Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maggi Mee Kari Letup Flavor

Still remember a post about I promise no more hungry to my self? here . Tonight, I have enough time and mood to cook the best instant noodles I have, no doubt it is Maggi Mee. I brought a pack of 5 in 1 and free 1 package, so it has 6 packs actually. The flavor is name as kari Letup, it claimbs that "lebih kenyal, lebih pedas" (more hot).

This is how it's look like. I grab two package to cook as I am the hungry monster that need more mee. One is not enough to fullfill my stomach emptyness.

I cook with vegetables, mushroom, egg and chicken meat. And is done ! I know it dont really look so nice but I can tell you that, it taste really good. And it is not too hot for me because I add alot of water. Haha. And I like eat hot and spicy food. Which Maggi kari Letup is best choice for me.
This is my first eating look exposure in my blog. It taste really yummy Wohhh ahh. I think alot when eating this mee, I think of a business plan which may help me earn some money. Anyway, I think Maggi Co. will not hire me for eating their mee and advertise their product. Cause I look so awful when eating their mee. Haha.. I dont have a good look to make you feel eat that mee.
who knows?
someday it might happen right?

When I finish eat, I return to my room and I found another pack of

Maggi kari Letup flavor in my room. :)


Titan said...

WAh... Kari Letup.... maybe i will try once

Anonymous said...

wahseh...u enjoy eating this maggi ar.. :p

Martin said...

Hahaha! I bet no one know that the last maggi pick was edited with your face but how you do that? software or you stick your photo on it lol, really keng and realistic leh~! Rated 9/10! haha