Monday, June 16, 2008

Mother Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my mother birthday. Time goes really fast, she is 57 years old already. My mom calculates her birthday by lunar calendar, which always make me forget her birthdates easily. As she remembered me on yesterday morning, said that today is my birthday, and a week after dumbling or dumpling days is her birthday.

Although I busy my own life, and we getting less to talk to each other, she always my dearest mother no matter what and I should not easily forget her birthday, because I can remember so many friends birthday. After working, I went to buy a small present to her and hope that she like it.

Do you remember your mother birthday? And looks for a present for her? Instead of only remember your friend’s birthday and get them present. I hope that everyone should not forget our lovely mother and have problem with your parent. No matters how, don’t forget that they make you out and grow you.

Once again, happy birthday to my mother, I wish her have a good health of life and happy always.

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Titan said...

Good to hear that hehehe