Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Uni Trying To Confuse Me In Final Exam Paper

Today I have final exam at my university. And I found that the exam paper really try to confuse me. Before I forget after go out the room, I straight type into my phone first. I actually want to take photo at the paper but instructor over there like to look at me. I worry they catch me for cheating -_-

The second page of the exam paper instruction sound like this:

There are 3 sections in this paper.There are section A, B, C and D.(WTF? Is 4 Section le?) Answer all the question in section A,C and D. Answer only one question at section B.

However, when I turn to page section B, the instructions are answer all the question and there are at least 5 question over there if I not mistake. And section C instruction is answer only 1 question.

They make some mistake and did not tell the student either. They suppose have 4 section, and answer only 1 question from section C.

Damn University ~ Lucky almost time for me to say goodbye ~

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Anonymous said...

what your university name?