Monday, June 23, 2008

Some event held on Waterfront Kuching Sarawak

Yesterday, some events have held on Waterfront Kuching Sarawak. It call as Bulan Kecegasan Kebangsaan 2008. Activities such as street balls, auto show, kayak and others.

This is so call street ball which they are having competition at that time. Wait.. Where is the ball? Nevermind, let's see how is the goal look like first.
Oh this size of goal is really different from what you see from Euro Cup or World Cup football. Because this is call street ball. So you guess how big the ball should be?
I guess is this big only. That's why we cant see the ball at all just now. Think of this, I remember ofour hero comedian Stephen Chow used to kick such small size ball as well. No doubt there are using that kind of size for their street ball competition I guess..

Across the road, we can see auto and bike show having there. I get excited to see these bike. I think this bike is ride by some kind of animal..

Woahh !! Lucky I run fast enough. Or else I cant imaging he will bring me go where.

There are some Lilo & Stitch Supporter as well. This I can understand maybe they enjoy watch this cartoon and miss it to watch everyday so they paint it on their bike. Now they watch this cartoon all the way on their ride. Quite a great idea men..
Another one with cute Stitch playing on fake beach. Anyway the paint arts is really cool.
I suddenly feel that this bike show has fill with animal theme. Are all this bike owner come from hutan? This lion can ride a bike, dont look down at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia these small city, our lion used to train for riding a bike Okay?
Back to another part. Auto show. All this is modify Toyota Celica, Proton Waja and the last one too small I cant see well is what car. I am sorry. All install with very good sound system.
Er.. sorry cant recall what is the first car suppose to be, car lover tell me please?
This car I sure definately is Mitsubishi Pajero second generation. It's own by my friend. Do you ever see a Pajero modified until this rock in your town? No, I guess only Kuching have it. :D
This is what a strong and superb sound system which can make you vomit directly if you eat full full and sit inside. All the car here is modify to be fast and furios and powerful enough to fly on the road.
But, I think this is the most powerful car in my city Kuching, Sarawak and Malaysia. Why? Because they dont have any super sound system, but they do have "e o e o", "tiu tiu tiu" alarm sound system which can clear the road and make you scare out of shit if you driving a superb car like no other.
So I do believe that, most of the people feel to give a hand to the owner up there, so that we can always Cepat,Mesra and Betul on the road and anywhere. :D .But maybe Bush not agree with us, I not quite sure.

At the end, I still recomment everyone to drive cheaper car because those car always on our budget and very save car oil especially during this time, petrol prices increase so much.

I truly enjoy driving out today and I hope there is more event coming out in my city :)


Dan* said...

hey nice site ............ i really enjoyed it !!! :D:D

Anonymous said...

the ball size just like an egg?

Pinky_piglet said...

toyota celica,one of my uncle car wor... hehe