Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ubah Gaya Hidup? Change Lifestyle?

Last few day Malaysia oil price increase bring a deep impact to our economic in our country. And I remember that, some one ask citizen to “ubah gaya hidup” which mean, change our lifestyle. For example, if you eat rice everyday, now you have to eat grass everyday. I found a best example and best model for us to learn from.

No more drive car out ok? Save the environment and save your money.

Photo snap from Shi Hua Newspaper.
Do we seriously have to make our lifesyle to be more simple? But, why there is still so many big big car, long long car, which have the special plate number from duno who sponsor? They can enjoy driving those car and pay free oil? And the citizen have to save money for them? Oh I forgot that, "Ubah gaya hidup kita, Habis tu mereka dapat bergaya" "Change our lifestyle, so that they can be more style"

I think that perodua and proton should start invent bicycle rather than car, if not, duno how they can survive longer. So that, in future we can see more sexy lady on the road!

Photo taken from http://untitledname.com/2005/05/bicycle-film-festival

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Titan said...

I think use bicycle is good idea.
Just like that fat guy in the photo.

We can save money and more exercise!

But, few companys will bankrupt too. All the toll company and petrol stations get the big impact!

However, i enjoy to see this happen! They are bloody sucker!