Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HP Compaq Presario V3839TU Notebook PC Review

Today I going to intro you the Best Laptop with comfortable price and good performance specification. <Compaq Presario v3839TU> for the product detail spec, will be list at the end of this post. This Compaq Presario v3839TU is really worth to buy. Check it out.
Price : RM 2299 only! Free A HP Nylon Carrying Case Some more!
You can order or buy this at Wisma Saberkas, which I strongly recomment you to look for a shop at second floor, the shop name with HP and Compaq Logo (sorry cant recall the name). They provide very good service and will free you Mouse, Cooler Pad and Lock (if you request).

Interesting Introduction note, with "BEGIN" when you pull this begin out, actually it has few pages for the laptop intruduction.

This is how they pack your laptop safely.

Brand new, will not replace to second hand in the air or under water, I guess.

Come with Chargers of cause, and not to forget to tell that it is

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor 2.0 GHz.

And, this laptop got everything. Check the specification below.

This laptop present blue light on the sound function and other such as wireless. Come with the blue light cooler pad will be the best stylish and cool laptop ever. What you waiting for?

(please note that, this laptop is not own by me, I help install window only )

The only small problem with this laptop is it doens't come with any window, but you can ask the shop install free for you, or send it to me. A list of driver you need to download and install yourself as well if you install yourself..

Compaq Presario v3839TU Driver : Here

Product Specification :
FreeDOS; Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5750 (2.0 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 2 MB L2 Cache); 14.1" TFT WXGA high definition widescreen LCD panel with brightview technology; 1024MB 667MHz / max to 4GB* DDR2 Memory (1024 x 1 pcs); 160GB HDD; DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive; 802.11b/g; Bluetooth; High speed 56K; Integrated 10Mbps, 100Mbps; 5-in-1 intergrated digital media reader slot; Integrated webcam; ExpressCard/54 slot; 3 USB 2.0, RJ-11, RJ-45, VGA, S-video Out, Expansion Port 3, IEEE 1394, Consumer IR, headphone out, microphone in, 5:1 media reader, AC adapter, Kensington lock; Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, up to 384 MB Total Available Graphics Memory with 4096 MB system memory; Free Nylon Carrying Case; One year International Limited Warranty (parts/labor/carry-in)

A better model would be Compaq Presario v3840TU is come with window and with 2G ram. But always no stock, you can try to order and slowly wait :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

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I am Sick 我病了!《肠胃炎》

Hi my all friends, I am sick badly this few day. The sickness I get is call what in english I not sure. In chinese is <肠胃炎>, Anybody know please tell me.
This sickness is extremly suffer me for this few day. At first I feel Headache, I vomit, eat what vomit wat, head feel very heavy, scare cold, scare hot. Friends please take care!! Sick really very tired !


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mister Potato Contest "Eat A chip Like Kenny Sia" - Human Eat Mouse

Well if you remember my older post about the "Eat A chip Like Kenny Sia", I decided to join the contest, and today I will show the picture. I lose it. This is the champion photo that win the contest. Lucky boy..like that also can win to a trip Thailand. Maybe this boy got enough potential to look like Kennysia.

My plan was more easy, I just dig out my old photo and edit a bit.. But it cannot attract KennySia attention. Forget about it loh.. Maybe can attract some of my reader attention le ho.. Eat a chip with mouse.. No doubt I am CrazyfooL ~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Plate Super Gril @ Jalan Song Kuching Sarawak

Today I personally introduce a food stall to you located at Peach Garden Coffee Shop, Jalan Song Kuching. With the collected experiences of working at several food restaurant at Singapore and Malaysia, The Chef, I name him Ah Ping, has come back and open his own stall. This stall name as “Hot Plate Super Grill”.A new food stall which begin start their business on June 2008. The main food of this stall is "Western Food".

Cooking Western Food is a kind of knowledge as well. Timing and the ingredient is very important to decided the whether the food is quality and taste good or not. Ah Ping always putting his best effort and concentration to serve the best food for everyone.

What is so special about "Western Food" ? There is almost everywhere we can find western food in Kuching now. But this stall is different compare to other western food stall. The boss, Ah Ping, instead of using normal plate, he use Hot Metal Plate.
Hot Metal Plate is normally serve with the food you know such as Hot Plate Noodles. Beside that, Hot Metal Plate is well design for Western Food as well. It can keep the food warm and fresh and the sauces remain to be juicy. And not forget to tells, all the sauces is selfmade! Sorry I cant list down his secret recipy !
As most of my friends have already try, this is his respond to us, "Yummy" I cant believe Ah Ping can done such a good job on western food, I sure I will come back to eat again".
For more detail and closer look of the food menu, please kindly click
***********Hot Plate Super Grill*******************************
***************We serve you the best*****************************************

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest "A Swiss Bag to Pack You Home"

I decided to join the "Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest" to stand a chance to win RealMart e-vouchers to experience an online shopping ! All we have to do is just blog about what you would give(choose item from Realmart) a fellow Nuffnanger and in the most creative way and tell them why.
The Prize is Attractive :
First prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,500
Second prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,000
Third prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM500
And now,
I decided to give a "Swiss Military Trolley Bag" to TNH to pack him back to Sarawak from Sabah so that we can talk more about the "Realmart and Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest".

Will Swiss Military Trolley Bag Bring you home TNH?

Reasoning: TNH is my good friends know since primary school and now he went to Sabah for his Degree. And I still in Sarawak. During his holiday, I introduce him about nuffnang and blogging. And now we are excited in discussing all these things. Hope I can win this competition. Thanks you Nuffnang and Realmart for giving out such a good opportunity for me to shopping online if I win.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

如果你的政府是这样,你会怎样?我讲故事之 Part 1


明显的,如果你国家,故假说会有示威,就解冻所有警员假期去严格巡逻国大厦。不让倒首相动议成功。更糟糕的,“安哇”不用放真名,怕我也被捉像raja petla 一样,没有自由发言权,但所谓的民主国。为了不让安哇能够做新政府,用了超肮脏无理由的手段,“先下手为强", “先发制人”的方法动用了超强警部队到他家逮捕他。明本是2pm后没去警厅才逮人,但1pm就逮人了。



,下笔人 Crazyfool 富, 送上:

他的国家真美丽, 他国增的家更美丽
东西涨价没关系, 最重要我们要清醒
吃东西要会分析, 真坏的豆腐就丢去
臭豆不好吃, 是时候换新
势力大没了不起, 我们团结最有意义
烂的很荣誉, 臭到明显还要继续
你问我有没关系, 一切都在你的心里


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim Vs Ahmad Shabery Debate On The Fuel Prices Issue In Malaysia

*Hot* 15 July 2008, 9 PM-10PM, Live on TV9 Malaysia(Sabah Sarawak Do have have this channel). Anwar Ibrahim debate with Ahmad Shabery for the

Topic: "Change the Government Today, Reduce Oil Prices Tomorrow" - Fuel Prices Issue In Malaysia.

安华和某部长,辩论与主题 “今天改变政府,明天降油价

Anwar want to reduce RM0.50 of oil prices, and given alot of reason, and Ahmad Shabery speech I dont really like because he said oil prices increase is a smart idea, and need to reduce the subsidy from goverment. For more detail story, please watch the video.
Very Interesting Debate, 非常精彩的辩论 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For part 4,5,6 can be find at here http://www.youtube.com/user/mediarakyat

Saturday, July 12, 2008

*Updated* Kuching Blogger Meeting at Sharing Planet

*Updated ted*: Haha, Finally got people blog about last night liao. Here are some photo I steal from them.. hehe.. Steal some from JimmyChin.Net and EdwinLay. Thanks Haha.. Will put more if got other I feel wanna steal.. haha Thanks you all Kuching Blogger~

Group Photo. Kuching got many Blogger also oh..and still alot dint show up.

I drop to this table and get to know Serene ,Kim, TomCat and Jimmy around here for quite some time. That's why keep on got shiny light over this table. haha.. And only JimmyChin have a look at my Long Nails. I think cause only he view my blog before so he know... lol..

Steal From Serene

*Updated ted* Steal From Paul

See.. One more haha same pose in many photo.. haha
*Updated ted* Steal From ShirleyQ
This photo taken by EdwinLay.. What I see? But quite nice photo also.. haha Thanks!
Signature !!
Hi all Kuching Blogger ! Since almost all of you got good cameras, so I just rest my lousy phone camera today. I waiting all of you to post out and I will grab it.. lol.. Thanks You!! :D
Please drop a comment if you got my photo or tonight meeting photo... haha.. Thanks YOU!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Leader of DAP Lim Kit Siang Own a Coffee Shop?

This morning breakfast, I change my taste to Laksa rather than Kolo Mee. My colleague introduce me to a shop which she said that there can find good Laksa. Surprise me when I step into the shop. The shop name was Kit Siang Coffee Shop. Immediately I think of DAP (Democratic Action Party) Leader, Lim Kit Siang. Wah he got a shop in Kuching?

Haha.. I guess it is just a coincidence.
Thinking if this is really his shop, what people there will talk about? Haha..
And I could think of what the conversation between Kit Siang and his Son in the shop.
Ah forget mention about the Laksa. Its taste I rate it as not bad. I remember to take the photo of that bowl of laksa so you might just take a look yourself and rate it by you own.
Nice? Or maybe not.. Have a try your self. It is around green road area.
Sorry No map given because Kit Siang doesn't pay me for advertising fees.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Malaysia PM Request Stop Blog About Politic

8, July 2008 - Prime Minister Malaysia ask blogger stop blog about Malaysia Politics or simply write story, create rumors about any Politic Issues that is happening recently. From what he said, it will only spoil the culture, peaceful of the country and create "political instability", worry to the people. For more detail news, click here.

As my advice, Kenny Sia, Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, you all should stop blog anything related to politic. If not our PM will very sad and all the citizen will know something that is "bukan-bukan" (not true) according to PM. For example, dont try to blog funny things or write story about politic. Look at the picture for references. Goverment should thanks me for helping them in explain this issue and what they mean in more detail. And the best, without fake story from blogger, there will be no more bad news, fake news, and make story to the Malaysia Politic. So, from the view of PM, we should take action and stop blogging about politic.

If not, you will never know when you will be the next.

So be attention of this serious matter, dont try to be funny and blog anything about politic.

(Picture show that a cute bald guy caught into jail, not sure for the specific reason, but you may try to find out at here.)

Continue with 9 July News

- Dont Simply Use your Freedom - 9, July 2008 - Er.. Duno what this minister name, said that, Simply Use the power of Freedom, will be treat by law. A simple meaning is, he warning to ALL BLOGGER, dont simply write things, although you have the freedom. Or else you might repeat the same consequences like the bald cute guy. Although there not list down the consequences you will definately get if you simply blogging, but if Kenny Sia, Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim continue continue on, their future might be like below or maybe not.
A short conversation between them:

Anwar : Ooi lah, happy already lah? Who ask you not finish finish blog politic?

Ooi : Aiyah.. Me not scare lah.. I better than kenny la. He edit edit naji face with girl body only!

Kenny : Who know.. I just want my reader have fun and make my routine isn't exactly normal..

Siang : Yah, now your routine will be definately isn't exactly normal. Congratulate oh..

Kenny : You all shup up la, enough already.. How about you all? So old dont want retired one?

Anwar, Ooi, Siang : You young boy! You must be blog too much and forget "Malaysia Boleh" already la. We all think we are Malaysian and we can do anything we want mah... We old but we still "Boleh" OKaaayyy !
Pay Attention: This post is for education and warning purpose as blogger nowsday have to be careful on blogging anything is related to politic. So please stop blogging anything related to politic and follow the rules which our cute government ask for. Thanks.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Working Life

Every morning have to wake up early 7am and get ready go work at 8am.

A bowl of Kolo Mee wake me up from the sleepy morning and another encourage for me to wake up early is to catch up Anwar Ibrahim interesting news.
Recently might be a little busy and hope that my reader will not easily forget me so soon. I will post new interesting blog when I have time. So please do check my blog always ! Hehe! Thanks for all my reader which support me!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Crazyfool Offer Computer Service !!

From Pentium 2 to Pentium 4 and now Core 2 Duo
Since primary 3, I started know what is computer. By the time, there is no window 95, window 98, the system is really old until I forget the name. Since then, I only know how to play games with that computer. Getting longer, I start understand how to use DOS as it is cmd.exe in your computer. By the time, most of the things need to use DOS. Anyway, I want to tell that, I have alot experiences with Window 98, Window XP, and the latest Window Vista. I come across alot kind of problem no matter it is software or hardware. I have total 13 Years experiences until today.

I gain alot experiences from time to time and learning
my self and there is something cannot learn from book.
Some time, dont even can learn from internet.

I have confident to repair your computer.

Today when I help repair once of my friends CPU. Started the idea of computer service for all. If you need personal service like me, I here for you. Although, I will always be there for you, but there is nothing for free now because Malaysia Oil Price Increase too much. Anyway my prices will definately cheap than computer shop which may try to CHOP YOUR HEAD or CHEAT YOUR POCKET MONEY. Most of the time, if you face problem with your computer, the shop technicial will tell you, need to reformat. Then charge you RM 30 usually. Or worse tell you need to replace some part that is not broken.

This is my passionate towards computer.
Hope you still know that this is diskette.
And now, you no need to feel tired of bring your heavy CPU to shop. I here offer Reach your home repair service, or you still can send to me if you want.

For CPU or Laptop:
RM 20 Only !
Needs for me to go your house will not charge unless you live too far away.

For checking some weird problem, kill virus, or any problem, only charge:
RM 1 - RM 20 Only !!

You may start looking for me, Mr. Foo by
SMS or Call: 016-8859068 email: crazyfool2986@hotmail.com.
If you want to call or chat and ask for problem only or too boring and find a person to talk,you are still welcome always to look for me. It is Free of Charge for Sure.

If I feel your computer problem is very simple, when I reach your house, I will not charge you and we can go to have a drinks and make friends. I will pay for the drinks if you are lucky.

Please drop down a comment if you ever need my help in repair your pc or laptop. Now is you turn to return me a favor.
note that : I dont have certificate on computer technicial, all my skill is based on my experiences. So if you problem are too serious, I might not be able to help but give advice. Thanks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Earn Money from Chitika.com

Hey friends! Do you know that, beside google adsense, and others company, Chitika is one of the company give you money if you help them advertise advertisement from your blog. Hurry join and register it !

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