Friday, July 4, 2008

Crazyfool Offer Computer Service !!

From Pentium 2 to Pentium 4 and now Core 2 Duo
Since primary 3, I started know what is computer. By the time, there is no window 95, window 98, the system is really old until I forget the name. Since then, I only know how to play games with that computer. Getting longer, I start understand how to use DOS as it is cmd.exe in your computer. By the time, most of the things need to use DOS. Anyway, I want to tell that, I have alot experiences with Window 98, Window XP, and the latest Window Vista. I come across alot kind of problem no matter it is software or hardware. I have total 13 Years experiences until today.

I gain alot experiences from time to time and learning
my self and there is something cannot learn from book.
Some time, dont even can learn from internet.

I have confident to repair your computer.

Today when I help repair once of my friends CPU. Started the idea of computer service for all. If you need personal service like me, I here for you. Although, I will always be there for you, but there is nothing for free now because Malaysia Oil Price Increase too much. Anyway my prices will definately cheap than computer shop which may try to CHOP YOUR HEAD or CHEAT YOUR POCKET MONEY. Most of the time, if you face problem with your computer, the shop technicial will tell you, need to reformat. Then charge you RM 30 usually. Or worse tell you need to replace some part that is not broken.

This is my passionate towards computer.
Hope you still know that this is diskette.
And now, you no need to feel tired of bring your heavy CPU to shop. I here offer Reach your home repair service, or you still can send to me if you want.

For CPU or Laptop:
RM 20 Only !
Needs for me to go your house will not charge unless you live too far away.

For checking some weird problem, kill virus, or any problem, only charge:
RM 1 - RM 20 Only !!

You may start looking for me, Mr. Foo by
SMS or Call: 016-8859068 email:
If you want to call or chat and ask for problem only or too boring and find a person to talk,you are still welcome always to look for me. It is Free of Charge for Sure.

If I feel your computer problem is very simple, when I reach your house, I will not charge you and we can go to have a drinks and make friends. I will pay for the drinks if you are lucky.

Please drop down a comment if you ever need my help in repair your pc or laptop. Now is you turn to return me a favor.
note that : I dont have certificate on computer technicial, all my skill is based on my experiences. So if you problem are too serious, I might not be able to help but give advice. Thanks


ElbyLee said...

yaya.. i am the one who need your help the most since i am here in kuching for almost 4 years. because my stupid computer is really too old and i think is over 10 years time if not mistaken and really a lot of problem arise.
and once my computer got problem i direct think of u my computer "angel" hahaha.
wat i wan to say is.. REALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH on your PASSIONATE on healing my computer. thanls a lot. ^.^

Borneo Falcon said...

Unfortunately we were from different town or else I will look for you. Today my house computer suddenly have the "death" blue screen. When restart it can't detect my hard disk anymore. Sent to shop and they still investigate and they suspect my partition got corrupted. Any idea from your wealth of experience? Now, I have to use office computer to go online.

TNH said...

Wow...RM20...can compete with computer shop that have license..haha

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to borneo falcon, most probably your hardisk got little problem already.The window system file might missing so you cant boot up. you can use window xp or vista cd to repair it. for further detail, please recontact me again.

Borneo Falcon said...

Thanks for the advice. Found out later it is the sata cable that is the main culprit. Change the cable and problem solved. Will consult you again should I run into problem in the future.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

like that also can ah.. then you are lucky.. haha.. computer things really got all kind of possible, so we have to share experiences to each other. Thanks for your information as well.

Titan said...

Good .... but be carefully ar...

You go to people hosue ar... Take care ar...

Rm20 is very cheap la...

In KL, my contractor sub the maintanance the PC for the whole company to a IT company. if got problem, then come to service... 1 month around RM10k ...

It is good also... i pay you RM20 and Rm20 x 30 = Rm600. mmm i still untung la... :P

But, i think it is good in kuching... Good Luck!

Pinky_piglet said...

wow, u really try very hard to earn money wor, since i know you...Now become pro le ar, when going to open one shop ar??? hehe

Miss Q said...

Wao, u can repair computer too!! Haha, unfortunately i live East Malaysia.. but so far my laptope only give me problem once when it kena virus, and i got one very good friend format everything for me and save all the data for me for free

Hope u can have more business there lar!!!

Big Bro said... sound so desperate in looking for money. Posting your phone number on the blog don't seem too safe. Watch out if heshe phone you and harrassed you. Anyway, becareful if you visit stranger's house. (expecially female client).:p

Big Bro said... sound so desperate in looking for money. Posting your phone number on the blog don't seem too safe. Watch out if heshe phone you and harrassed you. Anyway, becareful if you visit stranger's house. (expecially female client).:p