Friday, July 11, 2008

Leader of DAP Lim Kit Siang Own a Coffee Shop?

This morning breakfast, I change my taste to Laksa rather than Kolo Mee. My colleague introduce me to a shop which she said that there can find good Laksa. Surprise me when I step into the shop. The shop name was Kit Siang Coffee Shop. Immediately I think of DAP (Democratic Action Party) Leader, Lim Kit Siang. Wah he got a shop in Kuching?

Haha.. I guess it is just a coincidence.
Thinking if this is really his shop, what people there will talk about? Haha..
And I could think of what the conversation between Kit Siang and his Son in the shop.
Ah forget mention about the Laksa. Its taste I rate it as not bad. I remember to take the photo of that bowl of laksa so you might just take a look yourself and rate it by you own.
Nice? Or maybe not.. Have a try your self. It is around green road area.
Sorry No map given because Kit Siang doesn't pay me for advertising fees.


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like this shop had been around for a long time based on the signboard

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yah you are right.. haha..not sure how old.. but guess got 10+ years liao

TNH said...

the chinese name of the shop is different from the uncle Lim chinese name leh..

ahlost said...

haha.. never been there but will try to go there if I'm at that area.

a HARROR in advance before tonight's meet :)

karen said...

i also like that laksa~~~
it is the delicious laksa that can found in green road~~~
when i saw your empty laksa bowl,
i think you like the laksa that i introduce to you~~~
try again next time ^^

QuaChee said...

lol yr photoshopped pic is funny :)