Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Malaysia PM Request Stop Blog About Politic

8, July 2008 - Prime Minister Malaysia ask blogger stop blog about Malaysia Politics or simply write story, create rumors about any Politic Issues that is happening recently. From what he said, it will only spoil the culture, peaceful of the country and create "political instability", worry to the people. For more detail news, click here.

As my advice, Kenny Sia, Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, you all should stop blog anything related to politic. If not our PM will very sad and all the citizen will know something that is "bukan-bukan" (not true) according to PM. For example, dont try to blog funny things or write story about politic. Look at the picture for references. Goverment should thanks me for helping them in explain this issue and what they mean in more detail. And the best, without fake story from blogger, there will be no more bad news, fake news, and make story to the Malaysia Politic. So, from the view of PM, we should take action and stop blogging about politic.

If not, you will never know when you will be the next.

So be attention of this serious matter, dont try to be funny and blog anything about politic.

(Picture show that a cute bald guy caught into jail, not sure for the specific reason, but you may try to find out at here.)

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- Dont Simply Use your Freedom - 9, July 2008 - Er.. Duno what this minister name, said that, Simply Use the power of Freedom, will be treat by law. A simple meaning is, he warning to ALL BLOGGER, dont simply write things, although you have the freedom. Or else you might repeat the same consequences like the bald cute guy. Although there not list down the consequences you will definately get if you simply blogging, but if Kenny Sia, Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim continue continue on, their future might be like below or maybe not.
A short conversation between them:

Anwar : Ooi lah, happy already lah? Who ask you not finish finish blog politic?

Ooi : Aiyah.. Me not scare lah.. I better than kenny la. He edit edit naji face with girl body only!

Kenny : Who know.. I just want my reader have fun and make my routine isn't exactly normal..

Siang : Yah, now your routine will be definately isn't exactly normal. Congratulate oh..

Kenny : You all shup up la, enough already.. How about you all? So old dont want retired one?

Anwar, Ooi, Siang : You young boy! You must be blog too much and forget "Malaysia Boleh" already la. We all think we are Malaysian and we can do anything we want mah... We old but we still "Boleh" OKaaayyy !
Pay Attention: This post is for education and warning purpose as blogger nowsday have to be careful on blogging anything is related to politic. So please stop blogging anything related to politic and follow the rules which our cute government ask for. Thanks.


Titan said...

if not blog... how we know the truth story of this rubbish government?

Ok... i stop blog with politic issue but i have the condition!

current government have to come down! then, i stop blog about politic... ok?

Actually, i also not blog politic issue just blog some issue which people not happy with... hehehe

TNH said...

for truth that influence goverment image = fake story,created story

For fake story that praise goverment = good post

If you notice how our minister answering question when they are being suspected for any negative news...they will say that it is rumours and ppl try to influence their image.same phase use over and over.

so for blogger that critic goverment,our "lovely" minister will say that you try to influence their image to gain traffic or to be famous.

rabbitfoot3 said...

Very much understood that the comments here in the blogg are not the govt really entertaint. But it is the only way that we can show our disappointment and disatisfication towards the present ruling system today. If we do such, openly we are sure to get ISA action eventhough the country claims herself so called "democratic". Not unless we are having a true spirit of opposition like dtk seri Anwar. He is not wrong to say "ALL" . He was a DPM and finance minister for 8 (eight) years. He knows all about all the mistakes now. The information minister who debated with him that night, only knows what was prepared in his text and mearly to read it out. He is just an information minister. He was never a finance minister and he shouldn't be Anwar's rival that night. The right person should be the PM and his deputy, not only oil issue but other issues as well.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yah.. you are right.. he is just information..

rambochai said...

malaysia get a bad day---- really "black" day after abdullah got thepower ----- -.- bad

Anonymous said...

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