Friday, July 18, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest "A Swiss Bag to Pack You Home"

I decided to join the "Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest" to stand a chance to win RealMart e-vouchers to experience an online shopping ! All we have to do is just blog about what you would give(choose item from Realmart) a fellow Nuffnanger and in the most creative way and tell them why.
The Prize is Attractive :
First prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,500
Second prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,000
Third prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM500
And now,
I decided to give a "Swiss Military Trolley Bag" to TNH to pack him back to Sarawak from Sabah so that we can talk more about the "Realmart and Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest".

Will Swiss Military Trolley Bag Bring you home TNH?

Reasoning: TNH is my good friends know since primary school and now he went to Sabah for his Degree. And I still in Sarawak. During his holiday, I introduce him about nuffnang and blogging. And now we are excited in discussing all these things. Hope I can win this competition. Thanks you Nuffnang and Realmart for giving out such a good opportunity for me to shopping online if I win.


Jezza said...

Hey, I hear they feature quite a lot of stuff at RealMart. Wouldn't it be real cool if they had plane tickets. Then you can redeem your winning voucher for a plane ticket to go see your friend.

TNH said...

Haha...nice one buddy..hope you can win..

Titan said...

hope you can win too!