Monday, August 25, 2008

Betta Fish / Siamese Fighting Fish 养打架鱼的心得/乐趣 Part 2

Betta Fish part 2 are going to talk about they get fighting! But is weird, both them are female -_-Usually female fish dont fight. One of them I put them with a male fish, after return, they get fight with other female. Maybe they get jealous?

养打架鱼的心得/乐趣 Part 2,是要讲她们打架了!但奇怪的是,母的跟母的打架了!有一只我把它放去跟公的一起,放回来后就打架,可能是吃醋吧,哈哈!

2 Female Betta Fish Kissing each other, actually they are fighting.

Since Some of my friend say they never see how they fight, I might as well record down and now share with everyone, have fun watching yah! This is female fight, I think not as fierce as male!

Female Betta Fish Get Fight


TNH said...

haha..cant differentiate whether they are kissing or fighting..not violent

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yah.. because that is lessbian fight.. hahaha.. hardly see. if violent, they body also will get injured, and wings those..

cc said...

One of my male cousins was obsessed with betta fish. He could never seem to stop talking about them. LOL