Monday, August 18, 2008

Coca-cola Telephone 可口可乐电话

Today I going to introduce you a very unique item that I have :
"Coca-cola Telephone"
今天,我要介绍一个很特别的东西给你们认识: “可口可乐电话”
This is the Coca-cola telephone!!
这就是可口可乐电话!! You see, got number under the stand to click and make call one!

And telephone wayar to connect! Amazing !

你看!有号码在背后的!可以打电话的!还有电话线连接!神奇吧! Just imagine I make a call to order a cup of cola... Hehehe..

想像一下我打电话要买可乐喝,哈哈 Wow, It is the fastest delivery ever!!


Lesson : NEVER throw away a cup of Coca-cola because it can become a Coca-cola telephone! Hahahahaha



cc said...

Cute phone!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Borneo Falcon said...

Wonder where you get this toy from.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

That is not toy!! haha.. is realy a telephone.. and its function one!!

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...
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Jojo said...

eee, i got one also but it's round one that looks like a coca cola cap. Maybe i can post it too. hehe.

elbylee said...

it's bought in Sibu oh!
even crazyfool from kuching also never see this kind of toys over there. haha

Titan said...


Cola telephone!

angelyee said...


If there were ppl seeing you helding a coca-cola cup close to ur face, wonder they will tink if the weather is really that hot til u need it to chill ur face.. haha..

Really interesting ar..coca-cola telephone..