Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kuching Jetty, Kuching Jeti, 新古晋码头

Today, I went to Kuching Jetty (at Pending) to fetch my friends. I was suprise because the building is done and look just ok. Because the last time I come still under construction. Anyway Kuching Jetty is really small compare to Sibu Jetty, and other I never remember how it look like.
今天我去了古晋码头 (Pending) 已经是新的建筑物了,上次来都还没做好(快一年前),我想很多古晋的朋友们很多都没看过这码头吧,哈哈。我想古晋不是很流行用水路交通吧,你看看码头多大间而已你就知道了,还比诗巫(比古晋小的城市)小。

I guess many of Kuching people never know how is our Jetty look like. Kuching is not that popular using water transportation I guess, you can determined it by the size of the building.

This is the front side of the building. Do you notice that got two yellow tentacles on the roof of this building? I think they trying to say, they look like snail, their boat is slow like snail? Erm.. No comment.. Never try it .. Hehe

Walk to the side of the snail look alike buidling, there is a sideways down to the river.
Make a 45 degree corner turn then you can jump down to the river without fences.
This is the behind of the building. Facing to the river. 背面面向河边的码头建筑物。

Ohh hoho, my express boat is coming. Actually is return with passengers.
An express boat with the name "Bahagia No.8" is come. Bahagia(malay word) mean bliss happy.
My Happy number 8 is reach~ Feeling wanna throw that guy in the middle of the picture, stand there buat kacau only, make me cannot take the boat properly.


Titan said...

first time i saw!

mmm look ok!

wee khiang said...

dont u think it's look like Kuching International Airport..just another mini version of it.Cute..Sarawakian favourite design =p..Mostly every airports in Sarawak built with this design,

- c H i E n - said...

Hmm, I have only been to Sabah on East Malaysia. Never been to Kucing, looks nice though...xD

Borneo Falcon said...

The jetty building is definitely smaller than Sibu but the berthing areas are more spacious than Sibu

ElbyLee said...

the express not as slow as snail la.. at least it faster than bus express ma..
express take time 4-5 hours but the bus express take time at least 6 hours or even 7 hours depends on which bus you take.
I am the frequent customer for the both transports. hahaha

Keong said...

hahhaa.. i wonder who's the architect behind this..
funny looking building.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yeah.. i also lucky notice it haha

Anonymous said...

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