Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look For Dentist Day !

Last few day, I went to look for dentist because my toothache around few weeks already. At first, I went to 3 miles, that shop have full appointment until September! So many people want to see dentist one? Then I go to another shop, some where near MAS Office. Full as well, for that few days!! There is another shop nearby, so I go in, eh? So nice, don’t even have any people there!!

So, I been ask to check by this Old dentist, which my friend recomment me dont go, because he is old like his grandpa. Haha. I dont care because I tired to find other shop and my teeth is pain enough.
Although he is old, he keep on saying "Very good", "Beautiful" !
at his own, when he did something on my teeth. Haha, I feel quite funny.
This is a driller ! Dentist drill away some broken part I think. This is really so pain! When it drilling, the pain is non stop hitting into my brain. This old dentist a little bit rough, but his speed is really fast compare to 6 to 8 years ago I went to another dentist.

After put the "tooth cement", this dentist use a very special gun to shoot me.

This gun call "Dentsply" What for using such gun? I think is to dry the special tooth cement which repair on my teeth.

Happy Stupid face's saliva get sucked by a sucker pipe.

This old dentist told me, my big tooth which broken, is too serious cause my tooth break into half already, he dono how to repair it unless plant some special things to it. Then he help me to repair my other teeth, total is 5 teeth, and cost me deadly RM 190. But still consider cheap think. He still put medicine to my big tooth which is broken to stop me from pain around 1 month.

Advice : If you want to look for dentist, make sure you find a dentist you know very well, and make an appoinment first before you go !


keeyit said...

wah like that you also take photo arrr.. the dentist allow meh?

Hahaha..actually i also want to go to see dentist already...

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

this dentist still say good camera.. lol.. so lousy phone camera only!! hahaha

Titan said...

ur big teeth broken ke...

Me too!

Genetic problem ke? hahaha

TNH said...

Walao eh...see dentist also take photo..geng ah..haha

esky said...

lolz... i oso go for dentist last week on thursday!! haha!!
"Bu ya" expensive ..sianz!!