Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today is Anwar Ibrahim Birthday, I give him 080808 present

Since I guess not many people know today 10/08/08 is Anwar Ibrahim 61 years old birthday, since he is popular person in my blog and alot people come to my blog because of him, I decided to lets everybody know here, and I have present for him to thanks him !! I have a very special and limited present for him, I sure is good for him and he will like it.

2 Bottle of Nestle Bliss Yogurt drinks with low fat, Mango taste and Guava taste.
Have a look. The expiry date is 08/08/08. Cool men? It is limited edition!
And now is present to Anwar Ibrahim !! Hope you like it !
Of cause, I have finish drink it and enjoy the 2 different taste. Is really yummy ~ I feel healthy and happy after drink it. I hope Anwar Ibrahim like this two empty bottle. It is a 080808 product which will not often see ok. So I hope you appreciate it much much.
Yes, no doubt, I can see he like this two empty bottle very much, Happy Birthday Anwar!


Falcon said...

salute you super funny!!!

DiEsE said...

His birthday is on 10/8/2008..
The drinks expiry date is 8/08/2008..
You want to give expired drinks to him???
Later if he sue you for food poisoning how ah??

TNH said...

haha..nice one..reward Anwar 2 bottle of expire drink for being popular person in your blog

Big bro said...

Ha ha,,good present.

SlumbeRaja said...

he got his present odi... won at p.pauh... it's gonna be interesting now...

anyone wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!