Monday, September 29, 2008

A Half Pig Head Dinner - Roasted Suckling Pig

Since almost all blogger like to show what they eat, at what nice restaurant, this is the first time I blog about restaurant food. Because I find this is really interesting and delicious. Before continue read on, this post is non-halal post, which mean, food below is not halal. OK

Look at the menu, the food I going to intro is the first one, it call as
"Roasted Suckling Pig"
This menu is take from a local popular restaurant "Lok Thian"

Tonight I went to a wedding dinner. Surprise me they serve me pig head on the plate ! Hahaha.. Actually that is the restaurant special dish oh ! Quite nice lah the pork, but they write as pig on menu. So let us call "pig". This pig is name as suckling pig, it mean young pig. The skin they make it very crispy and the meat is just right to bite. The taste still ok lah. I prefer Philippine Pork Leg cooking style at a shop at Sibu. But they not using Suckling Pig la.

This is the half pig head on plate !

Wah.. eat too fast left head, no time take the cut into piece meat. See the pig head size, so small ! Imagine tonight there is around 30+ table serve this pig head dish. So many young pig killed ! wow.. But .. is really delicious .. hehe..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reincarnation Bridge 奈何桥

Attention : This post include alive and dead, please stop reading if you are coward.

Reincarnation Bridge is a bridge where dead people soul will cross this bridge, and drink a special soup cook by Meng Po, and then they will forget everything in their life, and preparing new life, reborn. This is the Chinese myth from many years ago.

Recently I found a bridge which look interesting :

Crazyfool Ghost

Look at the part under the bridge, you can find something hidden !

相传有一条路叫黄泉路,有一条河叫忘川河,上有一座桥叫奈何桥。走过奈何桥有一个土台叫望乡台,望乡台边有个老妇人在卖孟婆汤,忘川河边有一块石头叫三生石,孟婆汤让你忘了一切,三生石记载着你的前世今生。我们走过奈何桥,在望乡台上看最后一眼人间,喝杯忘川河水煮, 一切忘掉重新来过。

Read : Do you believe this reborn myth? For my self, I think when we still alive, we should not do something is wrong to ourself and after death things we dont need to think too much because no body know how is it. So please dont do too much bad things, or else when you cross the bridge, you might saw the shocking face, haha !



Attention : This post doesn’t include any special meaning, just want to give little surprise for my reader from the picture. And the bridge is just taken from a garden. Thanks You Hehe !

注意: 本文无特别意义,只是要在图片上给各位小小惊喜!那桥也是在公园拍的,嘿嘿!谢谢 !


Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Learn Simple Face Expression

This is a kinder garden lesson, so if you want to proceed, please don't complain the face are look idiot or stupid, because I admit it, It is stupid ok !

This is Happy and Sad...and Angry and Shock....

And this is new face expression I would like to intro :

It is Super Shock, or you can call it whatever you like. Or call it "Crazyfool face".This face expression I used to do it and show to my friends, because they usually will laugh or surprise of it. So..

Hope you have fun learning face expression yah ! !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Give Away My CPU If I Sudden Death !

Please read this post seriously : Drop a comment for the reason why you want me to give you.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6320 1.86Ghz
Gigabyte Mother Board S-Series Ultra Durable 2
Gigabyte Graphic Card 8500 GT Ultra Durable All-Solid Capacitor
600Gb 2 Western Digital Sata Hardisk (300x2)
4 Gb Kingston Ram (4x1)
i-Cute Casing 500Watts Twin Fans Power Supply
Samsung Writemaster DvD Burner

Is Now Give Away....

If I Sudden Death !

Do you ever think if one day you suddenly die? And you just die like that? How is your nuffnang account (You earn but no body get it) ? How is your blog account? How is your everythings gonna give to?

If one day, you over sleep and never wake up, what else you still can tell your family, your friends? Don't let things happen too late ! Here, I going to give out my first item If I sudden death. My beloved Cpu.

My Cpu running into part of my life. Therefore it is definitely a very important things in my life. Although my cpu don't really look very high spec, but what can I tell you is, My Hardisk got 10000 Songs and Music. I start collect song since I am form 3, already 7 years keeping all kind of song. Old song, new song, Music, English, Chinese, Some Japan and Korea.

It is not easy to get all those song.

What If one day you eat something and get suffocated to death? You don't have enough time to say, Crazyfool face on the Maggi kari letup mee !!

Some more if you not driving a luxury car like Mercedes, BMW, your sudden death chance is so much higher! Shit, this blog should not continue read, because the more you read, it seems your life is like a chicken, you can easily die for any unexpected accident !

Some more there is a lot so call "dark curse", "black magic" through phones call or one miss call, you are definitely cant run away from death !

Enough for understand how short is our's life.

Now come back to the CPU. I seriously give this away to anyone of you here. My parents will not fully benefit from it, so don't want waste it. And so many song, I hope there is some one truly know how to enjoy listening song and taking good care of cpu. And please make sure you are over age 18 please. LoL

Drop your comment why you want this CPU and why you deserve it. Hurry !

I dont know when I will sudden death as you too !

Attention : Please don't everyday curse me die so you can get this CPU as soon as possible. Thanks

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Delicious Dumplings From Sibu

Hello all my reader, first of all if you see dumplings and think that, soon Mooncake Festival I still eat dumplings? Here I explain.. Although Dumplings Day pass 3 month already, I still got dumplings eat because Famous Bakery Boss's Mom know I like to eat her dumplings, so when I visit them, she make for me! Thanks You Aunty Very Very Much ! Your dumplings is the best from all I eat before ! Cause of really yummy, I must express it out, that's why I blog it. Haha
This is the best dumplings I talking about, super large size and shape different than the triangle one. Seriously, you cant buy it from shop. Friends from oversea, dont jealous :P

Inside of the dumplings is full of ingredient, and it smell very nice de oh !

粽子里面很多料的哦! 哈哈哈 Ah.. talk back mooncake ! For sure this mooncake will be extremely delicious also because it is also from Famous Bakery !! I will keep it until Mooncake festival on this Sunday only eat ! Wish everyone happy Mooncake Festival once more! And burn more Tang Lung ! Haha !


Hope everyone wait for my lattest post, will be suprise ! I still doing it, thanks !


Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks You All My Reader ! Finally 10k Traffic !

My blog finally reach 10000 visit! I here to thanks all my friends and visitor who read my blog !


More interesting and shocking post will coming out soon ! 更多精彩和惊喜将会送上!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sibu Trip 1 - Famous Bakery, 扬铭西果面包屋

Since mooncake festival is coming soon on this 14 September 2008, when I reach Sibu, I take my very first visit to a very famous bakery in Sibu name "Famous Bakery" to experiences how they made mooncake because their mooncake really taste so yummy !!

This is the shop I wanted to go so much. Famous Bakery !
To find out where is it, click here !
Famous Bakery wish everyone Happy Moon Cake Festival !
This is the most popular and delicious food in town and can be found in Famous Bakery,
Egg Yolk Puff and Green Dragon Ball Puff.

Beside that, of cause I have the chance to see the process how making mooncake. Every single mooncake need very good skill to made it. They made many flavor's mooncake.
我也拿紧机会看见做月饼的过程,每一粒都需要非常优秀的手艺,心思来做出来。这不是很简单的! 令我感到吃月饼真的很有意义,再加上他们做的月饼又非常好吃!而且有各种各样的味道。

This is the egg spray process. This gun use to spray the egg to the mooncake so that the mooncake will be shinny and more delicious !!

这是鸡蛋喷机,要喷的均匀,月饼才会闪闪发亮,味道更佳!太棒了Without talking too much, I give a big thumb while eating it, YUMMY !!

Thanks you Famous Bakery !

Anybody Interested to buy, the shop address is as follow :

有意购买者,该店地址是:No. 8, Lorong Upper Lanang 29A, Grand Heights, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Phone Number/联络号码: 084-218463

World Map/地图 : Click Here