Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Give Away My CPU If I Sudden Death !

Please read this post seriously : Drop a comment for the reason why you want me to give you.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6320 1.86Ghz
Gigabyte Mother Board S-Series Ultra Durable 2
Gigabyte Graphic Card 8500 GT Ultra Durable All-Solid Capacitor
600Gb 2 Western Digital Sata Hardisk (300x2)
4 Gb Kingston Ram (4x1)
i-Cute Casing 500Watts Twin Fans Power Supply
Samsung Writemaster DvD Burner

Is Now Give Away....

If I Sudden Death !

Do you ever think if one day you suddenly die? And you just die like that? How is your nuffnang account (You earn but no body get it) ? How is your blog account? How is your everythings gonna give to?

If one day, you over sleep and never wake up, what else you still can tell your family, your friends? Don't let things happen too late ! Here, I going to give out my first item If I sudden death. My beloved Cpu.

My Cpu running into part of my life. Therefore it is definitely a very important things in my life. Although my cpu don't really look very high spec, but what can I tell you is, My Hardisk got 10000 Songs and Music. I start collect song since I am form 3, already 7 years keeping all kind of song. Old song, new song, Music, English, Chinese, Some Japan and Korea.

It is not easy to get all those song.

What If one day you eat something and get suffocated to death? You don't have enough time to say, Crazyfool face on the Maggi kari letup mee !!

Some more if you not driving a luxury car like Mercedes, BMW, your sudden death chance is so much higher! Shit, this blog should not continue read, because the more you read, it seems your life is like a chicken, you can easily die for any unexpected accident !

Some more there is a lot so call "dark curse", "black magic" through phones call or one miss call, you are definitely cant run away from death !

Enough for understand how short is our's life.

Now come back to the CPU. I seriously give this away to anyone of you here. My parents will not fully benefit from it, so don't want waste it. And so many song, I hope there is some one truly know how to enjoy listening song and taking good care of cpu. And please make sure you are over age 18 please. LoL

Drop your comment why you want this CPU and why you deserve it. Hurry !

I dont know when I will sudden death as you too !

Attention : Please don't everyday curse me die so you can get this CPU as soon as possible. Thanks


aindejeje said...

hye i'm aindejeje from LYN.
i deserve the cpu bcoz i dont have any. if i get the cpu, im going to buy a monitor and let my sister use it for her study. she always tell me that she felt so embarrassed borrow her other friends laptop to do her assignment. she hv to go to CC to do assignment and sometimes, cant submit the assignment on time bcos got no pc.
p/s: your blog really makes me crazy

Borneo Falcon said...

Some nice computer specification you have there but I didn't see the graphic card. So, I assume it is built in to the motherboard.

If you check my blog regarding defective RAM, I will have difficulties to source for the 533 RAM. If it goes defective again, I might have to change the whole motherboard all together. Meaning complete upgrading required

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to aindejeje, you dint mention you really enjoy listen song and my great lovely CPU only give your sister for assignment!? What a waste, my CPU can play many games, do some damn many jobs ! I Have to consider for other comment. Sorry

to borneo, 8500 GT is the graphic card ! I forgot write down graphic this two word. And now edited already :)

Borneo Falcon said...

What is your RAM spec? I need DDR2 533 RAM. Maybe you can inherit it to me as my motherboard can only support such RAM.

Looks like you are a Gigabyte fans. I on the other hand is Asus motherboard fan. Planning to get a Gigabyte motherboard in future upgrading. Would be nice if you get a Gigabyte casing, kind of complement your computer system.

TNH said...

I don't have any long long reason for that..my reason is easy.We are best friend mah.and my house not far from yours..the most important thing is that i can go take it myself..haha..

Why suddenly post thing like this?

punkysue said...

You should give me your cpu because, I only want your harddrive =D no actually I only want the 7 years worth of songs.. I collect songs for only 2 years, and i already got 2000 songs. so does that mean your harddrive have 7000+ songs?? =D =D

EMO+NO LUCK said...

Your PC is like so so only, haha

aindejeje said...

owh how sad..
im disqualified
so dont have to check again
cangrats to new owner

Anonymous said...

rubbish.. u r not goin to giv ur shit away.. i hope u die.. n we all will benefit from not lookin at ur stupid blog n stupid content..

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to Anonymous :

If you dont know how to read english, I dont mind. I am serious about it. If you not want it, then dont talk too much. And why you are coward enough that dont put your name but anonymous !

Its ok ! Forget about this dumb ass ! I seriously give it out !

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to aindejeje

its ok, I still going to give out my nuffnang account, and many other things in future, so stay tune to check other post in future ! thanks !

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to tnh:

haha you cannot la.. give u so many song u also duno listen le.. really waste my 7 years efforts la.. haha..

post this suddenly because suddenly think of life is really short mah.. if suddenly die how.. although i wish to bring my computer to heaven, but i worry no electric city up there.. so give it to ppl that can help me keep it until many many generation.. become history.. LOLLL

cc said...

How sad! Hope whoever gets it deserve it! It's a nice gesture, but I hope you do live for a long time. :)

cc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i noe where u leave..

Kai Hao said...

I also keep my songs for about 7 years and I have 100+ DVDs to back up these songs. :)
Frankly speaking, I have been using some of these songs on some events in my university.
I am here not to grab your CPU but just to share some of my ideas with you. I am currently in Johor and won't be able to claim your CPU anyway. So don't worry. Haha.
I have been reading your blog since you started to promote it and I think that your posts are interesting and please update it as often. Haha. If possible.
If you do play Dota, please allow me to play with you on GGclient. By the way, Devil May Cry 4 is released. It's an interesting game to play on. I wonder it can be played on your CPU or not. Please check it out.
Are you running 4GB RAM on XP or Vista? If you are running it on Vista, I think it only limits to 3GB. So maybe you can try to upgrade it to Vista 64-bit, if your graphic card is dedicated. :)
There's room for improvement on your CPU by the way. ;)

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

really nice reply from u kai hao.. dint expected it.. thanks you alot.. i am using vista 64.. and i dint really play much game.. hehe.. but for sure i play dota lah.. haha.. so feel free to find me play.. my gg nickname is crazyfoool ! :D

i will consider it hahahaha