Monday, September 29, 2008

A Half Pig Head Dinner - Roasted Suckling Pig

Since almost all blogger like to show what they eat, at what nice restaurant, this is the first time I blog about restaurant food. Because I find this is really interesting and delicious. Before continue read on, this post is non-halal post, which mean, food below is not halal. OK

Look at the menu, the food I going to intro is the first one, it call as
"Roasted Suckling Pig"
This menu is take from a local popular restaurant "Lok Thian"

Tonight I went to a wedding dinner. Surprise me they serve me pig head on the plate ! Hahaha.. Actually that is the restaurant special dish oh ! Quite nice lah the pork, but they write as pig on menu. So let us call "pig". This pig is name as suckling pig, it mean young pig. The skin they make it very crispy and the meat is just right to bite. The taste still ok lah. I prefer Philippine Pork Leg cooking style at a shop at Sibu. But they not using Suckling Pig la.

This is the half pig head on plate !

Wah.. eat too fast left head, no time take the cut into piece meat. See the pig head size, so small ! Imagine tonight there is around 30+ table serve this pig head dish. So many young pig killed ! wow.. But .. is really delicious .. hehe..


Borneo Falcon said...

My wedding banquet last year was in Lok Thian. Nice place.

TNH said... a human..we are always so cruel to eat animals..haha..

Anonymous said...

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