Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Learn Simple Face Expression

This is a kinder garden lesson, so if you want to proceed, please don't complain the face are look idiot or stupid, because I admit it, It is stupid ok !

This is Happy and Sad...and Angry and Shock....

And this is new face expression I would like to intro :

It is Super Shock, or you can call it whatever you like. Or call it "Crazyfool face".This face expression I used to do it and show to my friends, because they usually will laugh or surprise of it. So..

Hope you have fun learning face expression yah ! !


Darren Lee said...

walau eh..u can b actor...just like stephen chau movie...

TNH said...

that super shock... not everyone can do it..haha

Borneo Falcon said...

It's quite a wonder you can create the super shock expression.

ElbyLee said...

never expect u will put this face expression in ur blog, but anyway, nice try and keep it on ya!~
at the very first i saw this face, i mean saw in reality, i really shocked and then wuahahhahaa laugh nonstop.

Moon Loh said...

wow.. how long you pratice all those face expression? Haha..

Gromit said...

wah,,you really a funny guy.
good job, man

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

to darren lee, i really wish i can be.. lol

to moon loh.. i dint really practice at all.. haha.. straight take photo haha..

to other thanks for drop comment!

Titan said...

for the super shock, i can do that too hahaha Why?


Want me to show my super shock face here hahaha


jolyn cutiez said...

It's a Good way to exercise ya face too..

Cathy said...

read ur post the other day..haha...funny
btw, i am not pretty..cannot marry rich

Lotus from Asia said...

Hey! U r a COOL guy! Really..'not'so funni..funny! ur PC I don't wan cos I dun wan U die lah! U keep it nicely n give all these ppl here some fun time..can? U mind..I link u to my blog? I old woman..needs..some M'sian man energy!
Keep it up...CRAZYFOOL.. I am Lotus from Asia..yr neighbor Sing-ga-por!

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

thanks lotus ! haha.. what is your blog address? you are always welcome ! :D

cc said...

You have such a 'flexible' face!!! LOL

Slipper said...

That's funny..You should make one mixed sad+happy+cry+syok, that's so called crazy fool.

The Bad Blogger said...

God... how you do the super my EX laugh till her tears drop...

yi da said...

lol lol!! funny!

Lotus from Asia said...

Hi..Ah Fool

U can see me at
My blog no so funni..bla..bla..bla abt my life n things tat interest me. U knw hor charbo is like lah!
U welcome to 'drop' by but don shake my lotuspond..K? ha.a.a wait my oradi so little fishes all 'lari' far far..

Anonymous said...

u looks like malay~

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James said...

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