Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reincarnation Bridge 奈何桥

Attention : This post include alive and dead, please stop reading if you are coward.

Reincarnation Bridge is a bridge where dead people soul will cross this bridge, and drink a special soup cook by Meng Po, and then they will forget everything in their life, and preparing new life, reborn. This is the Chinese myth from many years ago.

Recently I found a bridge which look interesting :

Crazyfool Ghost

Look at the part under the bridge, you can find something hidden !

相传有一条路叫黄泉路,有一条河叫忘川河,上有一座桥叫奈何桥。走过奈何桥有一个土台叫望乡台,望乡台边有个老妇人在卖孟婆汤,忘川河边有一块石头叫三生石,孟婆汤让你忘了一切,三生石记载着你的前世今生。我们走过奈何桥,在望乡台上看最后一眼人间,喝杯忘川河水煮, 一切忘掉重新来过。

Read : Do you believe this reborn myth? For my self, I think when we still alive, we should not do something is wrong to ourself and after death things we dont need to think too much because no body know how is it. So please dont do too much bad things, or else when you cross the bridge, you might saw the shocking face, haha !



Attention : This post doesn’t include any special meaning, just want to give little surprise for my reader from the picture. And the bridge is just taken from a garden. Thanks You Hehe !

注意: 本文无特别意义,只是要在图片上给各位小小惊喜!那桥也是在公园拍的,嘿嘿!谢谢 !



TNH said...

haha...also don't know i believe or not..if it really exist..we also won't know because the moment you know is the moment youo going to cross it..

Slipper said...

Bro..what is under the bridge, i stumbled for 5 mins me please :(

Lotus from Asia said...

Hey! 你真会吓人...look scary the way u did the bridge n tat tongue sticking..hantu? ha.a.a.a.a.

Shiveeleaves said...

got mang poh soup? :P

Joanne Chan said...

Gosh, I was looking under the bridge, who knows got shocked by ur look...scared me :(