Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Delicious Dumplings From Sibu

Hello all my reader, first of all if you see dumplings and think that, soon Mooncake Festival I still eat dumplings? Here I explain.. Although Dumplings Day pass 3 month already, I still got dumplings eat because Famous Bakery Boss's Mom know I like to eat her dumplings, so when I visit them, she make for me! Thanks You Aunty Very Very Much ! Your dumplings is the best from all I eat before ! Cause of really yummy, I must express it out, that's why I blog it. Haha
This is the best dumplings I talking about, super large size and shape different than the triangle one. Seriously, you cant buy it from shop. Friends from oversea, dont jealous :P

Inside of the dumplings is full of ingredient, and it smell very nice de oh !

粽子里面很多料的哦! 哈哈哈 Ah.. talk back mooncake ! For sure this mooncake will be extremely delicious also because it is also from Famous Bakery !! I will keep it until Mooncake festival on this Sunday only eat ! Wish everyone happy Mooncake Festival once more! And burn more Tang Lung ! Haha !


Hope everyone wait for my lattest post, will be suprise ! I still doing it, thanks !



Borneo Falcon said...

I didn't realize Sibu dumpling taste so nice. Usually I can't find a decent dumpling here unless it is home made

TNH said...

haha...the dumpling doesn't seem attractive should keep one for me till i go back kuching..then i'll know how the taste..

偶数 said...


ElbyLee said...

The dumpling really cant find in the street or any other shop.
This is Cantonese traditional dumplings.
so only Cantonese exactly know how to make it.
If u want to know how it's make.
jz come to to find out.

Gromit said...

i never go sibu,,,

but look like sibu is not bad...

do you have any good map for me?

thanks your sharing

cc said...

Lucky you! Looks yummy! :D

TNH said...
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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

dont fake using ppl nick to post comment