Friday, October 31, 2008

Do I Really Look Like Takashi Kaneshiro ?

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Chinese: 金城武) born on October 11, 1973, is a famous Asian actor of mixed heritage - his father is Japanese and his mother is Taiwanese. He is a very talent and handsome guy and I sure many girls like him very much.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Crazyfool born on Fedruary 09, 1986, is a infamous Asian blogger of mixed heritage - his father is Malaysia Sarawakian and his mother is Sarawak Kuchingian. He is a very lame and funny guy and I sure many girls scare him very much.
After receive many comment on previous post saying that I look like Takashi Kaneshiro, I decided to make a comparison with him. Honestly, since I still very young, already got people say I look like him, but until now, I still not believe I look like him very much.

I take my face and stick to his face.
I steal his hair and I found that :
His eyebrow look sharp and nice, eye more electric (more good when shock girl), nose more long (longer life), lips a little look like him (his more shinny, maybe alot girl kiss him, and I dont).

After stealing face comparison, I decided to use my own face to compare :
His hair always nicer than me, his eye always look more power, neck longer than me. Ear flat than me. I guess, I not really look like him.
For some of my reader who say I look like him, I really happy and thanks you all. Haha..

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Home area Special Bridge

UK is proud with their London Bridge
But I doubt this bridge is safe because kids always sing "London Bridge is Falling Down"
Australia is proud with their Sydney Harbour Bridge
Only at the year 2000 they host the 2000 Olympic Games
Malaysia also Proud with Penang Bridge
But you will never see any Penang Trees at the bridge.

In my Home town, there is bridge I call it Reincarnation Bridge
Which you can see Crazyfool Shocking Face
But there is only one bridge I am proud with because it is at my home area.
OK now open your eye and get ready to see the brand new bridge.
I introduce you the best bridge that only can be found in my home area,
I call it "Long Kang Bridge"

This is how it looks like. It used to cross over longkang (drain).

An one foot step length bridge. Which is the shortest bridge ever.

I believe this bridge can be put in books of record which record as
"Long Kang Bridge - The Shortest Bridge"

This bridge I name as Long Kang bridge which is because it use to cross over longkang (drain). This bridge made by some iban or bidayuh which live in my home area. I guess the purpose they make it is for their children to cross over. They plant some sweet corn and vegetable at another side of the "bridge".

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazyfool Cook Curry Chicken !

Well, this is my first time cook curry chicken actually. I don't know what mood make me to think of cook this. Just share with everyone what ingredient I use and how to cook it.

For sure, fresh chicken meat is needed.

And potato, cut it to slice.
Well, I think I not cooking tradisional curry but my own style curry. That's why Gold Needle Mushroom is in as well. Not really have many ingredient cause not many people going to eat.

Cut to slice again. Got include garlic and onion. Actually need to put more things to make it taste good, after cook only taste it. Next time should put more things that is need to add the taste.

This is some ingredient must have. Actually the chilli powder I dint use it. I dont want make it too spicy. I just put the A1 curry pack.

And 555 curry powder I put a little, which I think not really necessary.

People used to say need to put coconut milk, so I also simply buy one small pack put in.

I think one small pack is not enough.

This is how it looks like when it almost done. I dint put salt, cause I think the A1 curry pack is enough for it. After eat I feel not bad, but need to add something else. Maybe need salty little, and some more good taste things.

Hope everyone have fun cooking at home as well~ haha.. Anyway, cook this curry chicken cost me RM 38.14. I think is enough for 8 to 10 people eat. Worth? I eat curry chicken for 2 day. Haha

Anyway cook Curry Chicken is very easy, but want it taste really good, need spent few time to adjust it. Haha People who did try, drop some comment here let people know this curry is still can be eat. Haha

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

五月天 - 你不是真正的快乐

我想很多人会很喜欢这首歌吧!五月天最新专辑 《后青春期的诗》 里的其中一首个:

五月天 - 你不是真正的快乐.mp3(CD Quality)

-- Download --

这首歌我一听就喜欢。所以和各位分享,如果喜欢请在 23/10/2008 发行时购买

歌词在“comment” 可以找到!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghost Sign Board

I found this interesting sign board in a park. Share with you all and see what is your opinion.

Gunakan Pakaian Putih Ketika Berjalan Malam
Use White Shirt When Walk At Night
No wonder there is so many ghost story which happen at park. Haha

Friday, October 17, 2008

我的故事 第一集,My Story Part 1

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I have born. I believe that I give a merry to my family. Come to this world, I know nothing, nothing at all.


Even during I bath, some one secretly take my nude photo I still don't know and posing happily.



Even I cant hold ping pong racket properly, but I know how to posing to let people believe I know how to play. And now, I really know how to play ping pong.


When I young, I don't know anything, I just know to climb higher the better, and I dont know if I drop down, I will be really pain.


I keep on climbing, even I can climb without a look.

不知道为什么,我那么爱的爬。还穿着 "I'm A Tiger" 的衣服努力的爬。但是,一直到现在我只爬过山度望山,应该没有爬的兴趣了吧。

I really dont know why, I love to climb. And I still wear a "I'm A Tiger" shirt. Until now, I only ever climb Santubong Mountain and I think I not interested in climbing anymore.



Beside that, I love to drive when I young, but everytime I don't have the car key.

两岁的时候就穿过了NIKE 牌子的衣服。其实我什么都不知道。一直到现在也没穿过这牌子,哈哈。其实,小时候的我,是个幸福天真的小孩,我除了小顽皮,就这样就乖乖天真的长大了。
When I two years old, I already ever wear NIKE branded shirt. But actually I don't know anything. Until now, I never wear this brand anymore. Actually when I young, I really a very happy boy, lucky boy living in a happy family.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaved My Moustache And Beard Reveal

Today I reveal my home messy look. Usually If I stay at home and dint go out for few day, I dint shaved my moustache and beard. My moustache and beard grow very fast, the last time I shaved moustache should be less than 1 week ago.

- Before -
This is my moustache and beard. Look messy and ugly.
Girl will run away after see my look.

- After -

This is After shaved. If want to keep clean, nearly every 2 day need to shave one time.

Shave till I want to get crazy and turn to crazyfool look. Haha

This is a comparison of the before and after look.

Got any different? If not I will stick to the before look. And keep until I am 60 to 70 years old then I can join World Beard and Moustache Championships. Hahaha

And look like him.. xD haha

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exercise Your Neck

I find this is interesting and want to share with everyone, try it :Have your neck feel better now? Haha..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Betta Fish / Siamese Fighting Fish 养打架鱼的心得/乐趣 Part 3

Recently I getting serious on feeding and breeding betta fish. If you never know I feed betta fish before. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 first. I get serious since I learned how to breed betta fish (make betta fish make love and got baby).

Now I have more betta fish already. Count from finger, I now have 10 betta fish lo! And many baby fish which call as "fry". I wish all this fry faster grow up, I can't wait to see how they will look like. Either look like father or mother, or mix. It's very interesting.
Taking care betta fish isn't something very troublesome.
I planning to breed more betta fish in future and maybe
I can start sell betta fish to everyone who like it.
In future, I also will try to breed new betta fish species.

This call Betta Crayfool Fish. (Betta fish with Crazyfool Face on it)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone especially the muslim who celebrate it ! This year Hari Raya Fall on 1 Octorber. As a Malaysian, I also celebrate this celebration because I got HOLIDAY ! Yeah ! Haha.. Ok ok..
This is few wallpaper dedicated to everybody which enjoy this celebration :

Crazyfool turn to tudung look wish everyone Happy Hari Raya !

Must be happy and smile big big !

At last, how I enjoy my holiday?

I guess the half morning will be ........

Wish everyone have a great holiday and enjoy, relax !