Friday, October 17, 2008

我的故事 第一集,My Story Part 1

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I have born. I believe that I give a merry to my family. Come to this world, I know nothing, nothing at all.


Even during I bath, some one secretly take my nude photo I still don't know and posing happily.



Even I cant hold ping pong racket properly, but I know how to posing to let people believe I know how to play. And now, I really know how to play ping pong.


When I young, I don't know anything, I just know to climb higher the better, and I dont know if I drop down, I will be really pain.


I keep on climbing, even I can climb without a look.

不知道为什么,我那么爱的爬。还穿着 "I'm A Tiger" 的衣服努力的爬。但是,一直到现在我只爬过山度望山,应该没有爬的兴趣了吧。

I really dont know why, I love to climb. And I still wear a "I'm A Tiger" shirt. Until now, I only ever climb Santubong Mountain and I think I not interested in climbing anymore.



Beside that, I love to drive when I young, but everytime I don't have the car key.

两岁的时候就穿过了NIKE 牌子的衣服。其实我什么都不知道。一直到现在也没穿过这牌子,哈哈。其实,小时候的我,是个幸福天真的小孩,我除了小顽皮,就这样就乖乖天真的长大了。
When I two years old, I already ever wear NIKE branded shirt. But actually I don't know anything. Until now, I never wear this brand anymore. Actually when I young, I really a very happy boy, lucky boy living in a happy family.


Titan said...

you are naught boy la!!!!

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! You were born on 1st day of CNY

lotus said... also follow me..tell story..Good..continue K..nice to see young 'tote'.. :)

TINTIN said...,when your birthday I should wish you "Gong Xi Fa Cai" lor? hehe ~

TNH said...

wahaha..know you for such a long time..never know your kids fast post your part 2 eh...

eunice said...

Wa u will "huat" the whole life cos on ur birthday ppl will surely say Gong Xi Fa Cai hehehe

Dunno why many young boys just love climbing so much.

Titan said...

oledi told liao ... he is monkey king in family hahahah

Snowflix said...

Not bad... you maintained your looks through the years.
So you always get bigger Ang Pao during Chinese New Year?

pengychan said...
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