Monday, November 24, 2008

Time is Running, To All Dear Friend I Care

This is just a post to let everyone know I am back from Sibu, nothing much photo is taken during this trip. I going to have final exam tomorow. So I am sorry to everyone I cant make any nice post recently until I finish my final exam.

This is a random picture I share with everyone.
An old television and a old video player remote control.
Since this is not a funny post, I will going to write something meanful which I hope my reader can accept it. Things around tell us how much we had grow, how much this world changed. Everythings, everybody change. There is getting less people using such old small tv and video tape player.
How much can we kept the things we do not want them to change?
My answer is nothing. Photo will become old, become yellow. Computer will broken, one day might dont use computer anymore, use brainster. Maybe some scientist successfully find out how to fully use brain, or keeping special chip which can communicate with brain.
Why everythings wanna change so fast? Why need such rule?
The only answer is TIME. Time forever running my friend. All my friend who I care, please be serious. Every single minute and second is passing no matter what you are doing. The more you sleep, the most time you going to lose it. That's why I always say sleep too much will die faster.
Although it is very stupid to say some time I really sleep alot.
But today, I going to have new life, everything change include me.
I wanna struggle with time, I want to be success as early as I can. I want to get marry with the person that I want. I want to have family. I want to complete my life without regret. Although many things I have did in pass might not seriously think of future, such as I dint study well in high school. And now my degree. Well, some time I think I really not enjoy study. LOL
Forget about my self. Friend, please understand how serious is time to us. Please stop playing if you are age over 19, which mean you are 20 already. Maybe you think you still young, and still can keep playing, yeah.. maybe you are right. So I hope if you are over 20, better stop playing, the more you play, the more you going to suffer in future. Only play for suitable time and play the right things. I hope everyone understand what I say. For me, I am really worry about my future.
Time keep history. Whenever time pass, history is record. Everyone have their history, memory. Bad, good, we human have all kind of memory. How we grow, how we change, seriously related to our memory. Although, you might have bad memory and you assume you going to be bad or have a bad life, you are wrong. What you want, what you wish, you still can change. I think if you ask all the prisoner, do you want to be a good person and dont want live in jail, they all will want it, but they dont have chance, because it's too late. Since we still got chance to choose and think properly what is the right things for us to do, why dont we choose the right one?
As everyday is a new day, why dont give yourself a chance to reborn in this every new day? Accept yourself, be yourself and stop doing something that will keep yourself in bad memory then you will always be no regret in life. I am trying now. I want to have a good life. We must always give ourself chance, forgive ourself, forgive other people who did wrong as long as they will change.
We must always give ourself chance in life. We can be good. This is what I always think. No matter what happen, I want to be a good person. No hurt to my self, no hurt to other.
I write so many, I just want to tell my self and friends, if my final exam fail, I not going to continue study, I will move to working life. And I am confident I can do well without futher study. Yeah, that's mean is time for new life. I accept it. Wait and see loh! No confident in exam.. kakaka.... Study something I dont like is a fool, yeah I am Crazyfool. But is also helpful in my future, so I dont mind. OK.. enough.. please wait for my fun post.. Haha...


online casino reviews said...

Wow! Nice post crazyfool. It is so ironic knowing that a crazyfool has written all those thoughts :D But you're really right. Time goes by so fast and that we should always be mindful of our actions.

TNH said...

really can't believe all this thing come from crazyfool...

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

I maybe will change other university. at least get a degree is better than half way... see how first loh ! :D

Titan said...

then good luck in ur exam and hope u can get a good class ok

anyway, certificate is a key to open a new door for working pages.

After open the door, it is depend on your personal and attidude!

This is what i can tell you.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Good luck in your finals! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck.. :D have more confidence.. lolxxx

Martin said...

Ahhh! so many words.. i cannot handle it hahaha!..paiseh ar fook lazy read.