Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Dinner

Recently I attend too many wedding dinner until I cant stand it and wanna blog about it. In this two month time, I have attend 6 to 7 wedding dinner include last night. I usually attend wedding dinner alone, that's a bit boring to me. And most of the time, the couple who get marry, is I don't know them one.

Crazyfool is also a camwhore. To attend wedding dinner, I have to makeover my self.

I know, I should not look like this because even I bring my Ang Pao go,
they might tapao kolo mee ask me go home eat.

Stop talking about my hair because its already too much in my previous post.

Come back to wedding dinner. What is wedding dinner for? For me, I think is just to celebrate and announce to friend and relative that you get marry. When attending these kind of dinner, I always think when is my turn ? Can I look so happy like them? Both side parent attend nicely and cheer for the night? WOW, is impossible. Is better dont think wedding first, cause I still dont know got any girl want marry with me yet. haha

Attending wedding dinner, have to wait food come. So camwhore again to wait food come.

Well, this red card is not mean I getting marry and inviting everyone.

Is my friend she invite me to her wedding dinner on 22/11/08 at Sibu. Yeah.. another wedding dinner to attend. This time is my own friend wedding dinner. So should be more fun.

温尊富 My chinese name on the card. This is my first time attend my friend wedding dinner. Have to travel around 7 hour to reach her hometown (SIBU).

Here wish my friend happy forever, and born many cute healthy baby.

Well, actually I already married and wanted to invite all my friend and reader to come for my wedding dinner. But she not yet ready to announce to everybody. And we got BABY already. OMG. Here is our baby look :

Yeah I got Zhao Wei's (赵薇) Baby. Cute? Haha

Enough for lame joke. For those couple who want to know or play and see how if their face match and how their baby will look like, try from this website : http://www.vw.com/vwhype/babymaker/en/us/

Have to wait it loading for a while.

Have fun trying ~ If get same baby face with Me and Zhao Wei.. you better be careful. Hahaha..


Jocelyn said...

omg ~ that is so funny. u actually go make a picture of urself an zhaowei to see how the baby will look like ? lol !! y u nv try u and michael jackson and see what is the outcome ? =x

the results might be cuter ? lol ~

Eugene Wong said...

fast fast
grab one girl and married
then will be your turn lo!

Eugene Wong said...

Never try never know mah!

Use the 4 secret steps
1. Good Observation
2. Activate your pen and paper, Evaluation
3. Minimize the time frame, Approach!
4. (if not success) End for this target. NEXT!

In short. You can call this GAME!


Dhemz said...

hahha..very cute...anyhow, where is your shoutbox went?

dragon86 said...

crazyfool when u wedding must not invite me............remember o............haha!!!!!!!!

sabahking said...

if u should this type of child in future u should careful cause the child's face is not similar with ur face !!

TNH said...

your turn will come fast if you take your action fast..haha...don't always company your computer at home ma..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Which girl you like, just give your blog address to her. She'll marry you straight!

Harmony said...

baby looks very cute.