Friday, November 14, 2008

What Hairstyle Should I Have?

Well, today going to discuss what hairstyle should I have. For you to know, I always struggle with my hair because my hair got a little curly and thick. Usually if I go to saloon, they will help me cut to short and neat which I think my self can cut that for my self. Not much new style.

After months dint cut my Hair, it's obvious my hair so long now.
I know my hair can change my look very much. This is something interesting to me.
I can immediately give some one see my messy look, or a neat look I hope.
But this is not important to me.
After see my few month transformation, I sure nobody going to like my look now. I can scare many girl away by this. Although I believe appearance doesn't be the main factor, good heart and personality is more important, but this world is too reality.
Appearance become so important.
So I decide look for some help from everyone, what hair style should I have?
Below is some face or hair matching session, if you can't take it, please dont continue read:

Should I keep my hair longer and try to act like Takashi?
And hoping some director find me do movie?

Or drop my hair down like Jay Chow, and learn to sing like him? But my voice will blow u away.

Shave it to short like Obama?
And become the first Chinese Prime Minister In Malaysia?
That will not be happen,
So cover all my hair and keep moustache like Osama, and plan to bomb Twin Tower?
No is not that easy to get bomb and people to suicide for me,
so maybe
Shaved all my hair like Raja Petra, and writing many sensitive article ?
No, its is dangerous, I might caught under ISA as well.
How about
Keep my Hair long and dye to gold like Paris Hilton, hoping become her sister?
NO, I dont want to change my sex.

Ah.. too much trouble with my hair style.
I should just don't bother it and look like this Crazy Ah Pek when I old. LOL
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Is not easy to write something to entertain everyone, I hope I did.
And hope everyone continue support me. Thanks.



Lotus frm Asia said...

HA.A.A.A.A. ... Ah Fool... I asked for new posting...I din ask you to KILL me...ha.a.a.a.a.a.!

YOU ARE SO FUNNY..Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.!!!! OMG...I really KALA... ha.a.a.a.a.a!!! I laugh until cannot breathe... I wan to 断气了! Trust you come out with something like time I show you mine!

Have a good weekend. I am in Kuching tonight...maybe I run into you hor?

Good luck to exam! Ciao

TNH said...

haha...honestly say that the november 14 does not look messy at all..but 1 think can comfirm that obama hair style suit you alot..or raja putfool also not no need to bother about what hair style you need..

Borneo Falcon said...

I like Obafool

Steward Baba said...

LOL. I would say your own hairstyle suit you the best. 27 August one, not the 14 Nov. =)

Kurjeet Singh said...

The hell... Crazyfool you really entertain us all. All the way from beginning to end I was laughing like hell! Man you really got some potentials as a blogger. Keep up the ass work man. Kudos!

sabahking said...

really a nice post !! very funny !! ur blog really a interesting blog !!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Crazyfool, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog last month. You're hilarious :)

Hmmmm.. in my opinion, Jay Blow seems to be good for you (from your stunning photo editing LOL) but one thing's for sure, any haircut, sooner nor later will turn nice.

Have a nice day you!

reanaclaire said...

i love u too.. oh i mean yr blog..

p/ did u do the imposing of faces??? may i know the website? thanks oba-mafull

Anonymous said...

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