Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Make Crazyfool Shocking Face Video Review!

Today I going to show you the live video how I did this shocking face.

If you forget my old post about Let's Learn Simple Face Expression, check it. And hope you have fun for watching this demonstration of my shocking face video ! (dont get shock) haha


TNH said... tought me this trick since primary school..but till now i still can't do it..

Shirleen said...


tiago said...

that's quite cool, rotfl... whatta skill!

bb community said...

Hello voon choon foo, how are you doing? Dang dang dang dang~ This is bb community from Just to inform that i've back to my blog again and i wish you could enjoy reading over there. Oops, just to remind that the World's Largest Blogroll has move to as well.

Have a nice day!

Jocelyn said...

omg... *rolls on the floor and laughs*

Jason Law said...

hahahah~!! I should record mine next time ! thats cool