Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year New Light

Happy new year 2009 to all my reader once again, here is another simple post which will not be crazy and funny. Dont have good time to write sort stuff yet, hope you wait for it!!

Since last year July my car light break ki until yesterday only buy new one. Haha.. New year liao.. erm.. Haha
Pity Back Right Side Car Light

Break so long, got one time JPJ block road, I say just accident o ~! Actually I break it my self for careless driving. Haha..ask me faster change.

Take it off left 3 bulb. 1 is dead. Haha

Old and New comparison, but also is second hand, quite new la. (RM80)
Put it on! Yeah.. Got new light liao~ :D
Attention: I got a new job, if you want change car light or bulb, find me. I charge cheap cheap only~ But if your car is BMW or Mercedes those, dont find me. Hahaha


Borneo Falcon said...

lucky you don't get summon. I got summon as my light bulb not functional

Harmony said...

Yes, better change it or the police will find u for some coffee $

CH Voon said...

still like old fashion light one!
Not good! Put a cystal type one!
Look nice!

Jocelyn said...

oh wat happen to ur car ?

esky said...

lolz... how come last time dint notice? or juz broken after tat? haha!

♥ veyroniqa said...