Thursday, January 8, 2009

Put On Your Seat Belt And Rear Belt In Year 2009

Something new remind me for this new year, which is the Goverment or the JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) have new rules for us. Everyone have to follow and should know it.

Especially driver must know it, back passenger must put on seat belt also! If not Saman! Get fine! Not Cheap OH! RM300 !!

"Please Responsible for Your Own Life, Please Tie Your Rear Seat Belt,

It's For Your Life Safety"

Although the first few day have many people "kena saman", but i think this not gonna work for long, many people are still refuse to put on seat belt even the driver it self never put on.

This is a very good example :




Good luck to all steady driver !

Detail information for the rule :
Starting 1 Jan 2009, all passengers have to wear the seat belt. This include passengers at the rear seat of the car. Failure to comply will result in:

1 Jan 2009 - 30 Jan 2009: Fine of RM$300.001 Jul 2009 onwards: Fine of RM$2000.00 and/or a jail term not exceeding 1 yearRear seat passengers are exempted from this rule only under any of the 5 scenarios below:1. The car you are driving a Malaysian registered vehicle, registered before 1st Jan 1995

2. The car you are driving is a Malaysian registered vehicle registered on/after 1st Jan 1995 but does not have any rear seat belts installed. In such case, you have 3 years to get the rear seat belts installed before the ruling applies to you too.

3. Commercial vehicles including buses and taxis (You do not need to put on seat belt if you sit at the back of the taxi).

4. Cars that can carry up to 8 passengers.

5. Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes in weight


esky said...

If before, I sure will scold the jpj de!! so many macam!!
but now, at sg here this rule is applied all the time, so used to it!! and feel that its a good rule!

growing bigger, knowing life is so important, especially your love one, if you care for them, juz put the sear belt.They wouldnt want to lose you, and you too.. dont dare to lose them,so juz tie it up, it wouldnt lose you anything!

Everytime, seat behind while my mom drive, i would juz remind them to tie up the seat belt, sometimes even scold her and my sis infront. Lolz!! Coz they are so important for me, tied up the seat belt may change things if they come to the worst! Really!

dragon86 said...

i only put on seat belt when i felt hungry lo!!!!!!! haha

sabahking said...

crazyfool is almost back already !! make us crazy and fool !!

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

lol...really funny guy!! haha!! take care always! and let pawn ppl again~

smile smile~~ ^^

TNH said...

For old perodua car, although got free installation, but still mafan la..too many ppl..need to make appoinment.

Jocelyn said...

hahaha !! this rule already applied to us in singapore long ago ~

but now also seldom got pple put on the seat belts like all forgot about it also.

♥ veyroniqa said...

lol wtf cute lah you.

Anonymous said...

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