Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Should I Quit From Blogging Because....

Recently I read a news that let me feel weird because of a lady seminude photographs exposed to public and therefore this lady quit her job immediately. Everybody should know about it.

I wonder there is any nude photo of her rather than sleeping photo is exposed. Ah one more things, do you sleep wearing spec especially when the photo is so call taken by ex-bf ?
Yes maybe still can~

This must be a really "well plan" sleeping.
This case have let us know that, dont sleep if you are naked or half naked!!

Baby, your nude photo is exposed and
you should quit shitting and peeing because that is your job. OK?
Before I end my post,
I have a serious question to everyone here,

**** Should I quit from blogging? ****


Because my sleeping semi nude photo is exposed to public long time ago too!
This is still not the end...

Save our orang hutan, dont throw rubbish, let them have a clean place to live on!

Attention: The lady up there please dont sue me, I dont have money. This post is just a fun post! Do you have the photo anyway? If you have, tell me. I want to know whether is just those sleeping photo make her quit. And do you have an idea that, she is not innocent but been paid for action movie? Lalala.. Do I mention anyone name? Noo... Dont sue me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How To "Make Love" All Night

This post I going to tell you *How to "Make Love" All Night*. I hope there is no kid reading this because this might harm you or you will injured if you are not careful did it.

If you want to make love all night,

you dont really have to spend your time reading book.(Sorry Barbara Keesung Ph.d., I just kidding, no offences dont sue me)

I have a better idea !

You can immediately go do it with your love one after reading this~



What I going to talk about is, you can make love by Making Love Cookies All Night.

I assure you will get wild all night as well if you are going to make like around 50+ piece big and small love cookies.

I not going to tell you what ingredient is needed, because I not really know as well. But for sure, you need something like knife to cut it the shape, love shape mould can be cut from coca-cola tin(I cut one), and your lovely hand, and most important is a Sifu around you.

Well, actually Sifu also use the mould I make, without the mould,

every single cookies will look different. Hihi :P

Move on to see Crazyfool make love cookie all night. Remember you have to use two hand, do it with your heart, do it with your feeling, for sure you can do it nicely and enjoy the fun. Hihi

All single pieces of love cookies will need to spent a lot of time to cut it, touch it, shake it and end up the nice love shape cookies will come out.

Last process is that all the love cookies must send to their hot room to let them become mature.

And slowly feel the heat inside, after around 15-20 minute, the love cookies is done!

Yeah, many small love cookies is done, and you can eat it yourself or give to your love one.

4 pieces of love cookies is put together, it shape a beautiful love cookies flower.
This is "How To Make Love All Night".
I am sorry, this should be
"How To Make Love Cookies All Night"
If you are expecting something else of make love all night, I have some suggestion for you......
This should can turn you all night wild.
Hey are you a kid? Go sleep !

Friday, February 13, 2009

LOVE Is In The Air

Tomorrow Is Valentine, here is my best wish to my reader:
Feel the love, the moment of love. The love is in the air, it is everywhere.
NO matter u are single or couple,
Love yourself and love others,
You are in love.
The sun is round in shape, If you see it as Love shape, It can be as Love shape.
It is how you see toward the world, and people.
So let's start to be in LOVE !
Wish everyone enjoy the lovely moment and

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today Is My Birthday ! I Am 23 Now

Today is my birthday, I am now 23 years old. Coming to this age, I only can say I am not yet ready because I still feel like I am 3 years old. It is like 23 of 3 years old of me.

Yah, this is what I mean and how its going to be for 23 years old of me.

Stepping into age like this, it is not feeling like Michael Jordan so handsome in career but it is same that he is carry 23 number and bulls on him. Me too that carry 23 years old in the bull year 2009.

Yes, I am 23 too.
At this age, I hope that I can grow taller and handsome and of course smarter than now so that I can have a better future. Beside that I wish that I can have more money to buy toys and food.

Talk about money, the previous donation post, I and so happy I get RM 0 donation from reader or stranger, but I really receive RM 500 from my kind Brother http://www.chvoon.blogspot.com/. Well, this is something out of expectation of course, and a big THANKS to him here.

Taukei brother, next time donate more can ma? ok? hehehe... thanks o~

Beside that, I also specially thanks to DUDU for celebrate birthday with me, brought me present, and a suprise birthday cake for me. Teehee..I am so happy for that.

Last and not least, Thanks everyone for reading my blog.

Happy Birthday To Me~

Happy Birthday To Me~~

Happy Birthday To Crazyfool~~~

Happy Birthday To Me~~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Donate Me Please ~~ !! For My Birthday Present!

This is a very meaningful post if you read and follow the instruction given later. If you are my reader, I am sure you notice that I getting slow in updating my blog. One of the reason is that my "camera" have die months ago due to frequently drop to floor I guess.

Yes, Nokia 7610 was my camera before, but now the screen always turn white after I on it for a while. I cant take any good photo and captured anything happen around which is seriously cause me lack of idea in updating post.

I got think to get a Nokia N96 with 5 mega pizel camera, but of course I dont have the money to get it. However I come with a very good idea, which is write this post and wish for god luck drop to me. I know it will never success, who know I am really got such luck, and this world got so many kind millionair also ma right? Haha

Yes, I need your donation please !! Donate to me! Haha..

Well, Of course I know I did nothing why you want to donate to me? I have hand, I have leg, I am not disable person as well, I ask you to donate me like this I am sure cannot convince you.

This is something I did before which maybe can entertain you :
And some other crazy post which put alot effort to write it which you can find it out in older post.

Well......well, maybe all this is not a very good reason to convince you to donate me a cent, I know this post is really so lame, please forgive me.

The last reason is My Birthday is coming so soon!!! Fedruary 9 is my birthday !!

I want present~ Donate me and I will buy for my self~ Haha

There is few way to donate me:

1. Visit my blog often and introduce to your friend as many as you can.

2. Donate to my internet bank Paypal account.

(Account Address: crazyfool2986@hotmail.com or click image below)

3. Ignore this post, telling everybody there is a fool begging for money.

Thanks you everyone who read this post, I know you are a kind person, dont you? Hihi

Just hope you enjoy reading~ Thanks you~