Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Donate Me Please ~~ !! For My Birthday Present!

This is a very meaningful post if you read and follow the instruction given later. If you are my reader, I am sure you notice that I getting slow in updating my blog. One of the reason is that my "camera" have die months ago due to frequently drop to floor I guess.

Yes, Nokia 7610 was my camera before, but now the screen always turn white after I on it for a while. I cant take any good photo and captured anything happen around which is seriously cause me lack of idea in updating post.

I got think to get a Nokia N96 with 5 mega pizel camera, but of course I dont have the money to get it. However I come with a very good idea, which is write this post and wish for god luck drop to me. I know it will never success, who know I am really got such luck, and this world got so many kind millionair also ma right? Haha

Yes, I need your donation please !! Donate to me! Haha..

Well, Of course I know I did nothing why you want to donate to me? I have hand, I have leg, I am not disable person as well, I ask you to donate me like this I am sure cannot convince you.

This is something I did before which maybe can entertain you :
And some other crazy post which put alot effort to write it which you can find it out in older post.

Well......well, maybe all this is not a very good reason to convince you to donate me a cent, I know this post is really so lame, please forgive me.

The last reason is My Birthday is coming so soon!!! Fedruary 9 is my birthday !!

I want present~ Donate me and I will buy for my self~ Haha

There is few way to donate me:

1. Visit my blog often and introduce to your friend as many as you can.

2. Donate to my internet bank Paypal account.

(Account Address: crazyfool2986@hotmail.com or click image below)

3. Ignore this post, telling everybody there is a fool begging for money.

Thanks you everyone who read this post, I know you are a kind person, dont you? Hihi

Just hope you enjoy reading~ Thanks you~


sabahking said...

chinese new year are around !! Iam sure that u get a lot of ang pow mah !! not enough to buy the hp meh?

CH Voon said...

ok la i donate rm500 for you!

Borneo Falcon said...

No wonder you been MIA for some time. Thought something happened to you

Jocelyn said...

wah ~ like tat also can ah ? hahahaha !

chiatak said...

oklah, i donate u by see ur advertisement...

TNH said...

CNY already donate you liao..

PCSpread said...

Dude, if you get handsome donation, please let us know, cause I'll consider to do the same thing at my birthday XD

~BlueSpirit said...


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