Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How To "Make Love" All Night

This post I going to tell you *How to "Make Love" All Night*. I hope there is no kid reading this because this might harm you or you will injured if you are not careful did it.

If you want to make love all night,

you dont really have to spend your time reading book.(Sorry Barbara Keesung Ph.d., I just kidding, no offences dont sue me)

I have a better idea !

You can immediately go do it with your love one after reading this~



What I going to talk about is, you can make love by Making Love Cookies All Night.

I assure you will get wild all night as well if you are going to make like around 50+ piece big and small love cookies.

I not going to tell you what ingredient is needed, because I not really know as well. But for sure, you need something like knife to cut it the shape, love shape mould can be cut from coca-cola tin(I cut one), and your lovely hand, and most important is a Sifu around you.

Well, actually Sifu also use the mould I make, without the mould,

every single cookies will look different. Hihi :P

Move on to see Crazyfool make love cookie all night. Remember you have to use two hand, do it with your heart, do it with your feeling, for sure you can do it nicely and enjoy the fun. Hihi

All single pieces of love cookies will need to spent a lot of time to cut it, touch it, shake it and end up the nice love shape cookies will come out.

Last process is that all the love cookies must send to their hot room to let them become mature.

And slowly feel the heat inside, after around 15-20 minute, the love cookies is done!

Yeah, many small love cookies is done, and you can eat it yourself or give to your love one.

4 pieces of love cookies is put together, it shape a beautiful love cookies flower.
This is "How To Make Love All Night".
I am sorry, this should be
"How To Make Love Cookies All Night"
If you are expecting something else of make love all night, I have some suggestion for you......
This should can turn you all night wild.
Hey are you a kid? Go sleep !


BLue said...

nice cookies

Baby said...

yummy but how come you don't know what ingredient?

CH Voon said...

send some for me test... see good or not

maRCus said...

aahaha.. the last pic of dogs dpin the doggy dam funny lor..! XD

sabahking said...

u always come out with unexpexted photo to us !! very unexpexted post for me before read the title !!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Aiyaaaa.. wanna share how to make love must show the ingredientslerrr, Ah Foo!!

TNH said...

Ey...not bad ya..after make love all night..still can sell for money for extra income..wakaka..

esky said...


I never know you're so romantic before... hahaha!! Gd !

Anyway, spent time together to do something special, nth better than this... haha!!

Egg Yolk said...

yum! yum!


nice cookies!!
do you make it for valentine??

Ahmike said...

Wow a nice post again haha. Long time no dropping here

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Wao! that is your gf?

Seems quite 贤妻良母wor~~

Can intro boh?

I want to "make love" cookies with her too!! hehe..

Good one?

Wei...when can play gg and pawned +gg-ed others together again?

call me la,

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) look at this emo boy one over this blog: