Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Should I Quit From Blogging Because....

Recently I read a news that let me feel weird because of a lady seminude photographs exposed to public and therefore this lady quit her job immediately. Everybody should know about it.

I wonder there is any nude photo of her rather than sleeping photo is exposed. Ah one more things, do you sleep wearing spec especially when the photo is so call taken by ex-bf ?
Yes maybe still can~

This must be a really "well plan" sleeping.
This case have let us know that, dont sleep if you are naked or half naked!!

Baby, your nude photo is exposed and
you should quit shitting and peeing because that is your job. OK?
Before I end my post,
I have a serious question to everyone here,

**** Should I quit from blogging? ****


Because my sleeping semi nude photo is exposed to public long time ago too!
This is still not the end...

Save our orang hutan, dont throw rubbish, let them have a clean place to live on!

Attention: The lady up there please dont sue me, I dont have money. This post is just a fun post! Do you have the photo anyway? If you have, tell me. I want to know whether is just those sleeping photo make her quit. And do you have an idea that, she is not innocent but been paid for action movie? Lalala.. Do I mention anyone name? Noo... Dont sue me!


Dudu said...

stupid dada is so funny...!! haha.. why din put chipmunk's pic instead? she's naked all the time too =)

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

lol..i not sure u will kena people scold or not..

maybe.. u are really crazy guy!! no people want to waste their time and money on u...

funny and crazy!! haha..

TNH said...

Even those photo really exist, there is nothing to do with her career too... what we want is only her ability.

Anonymous said...

nice posting

BLue said...

kelian de orang utan

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

don't quit lar... later on nobody is fool and crazy at the same time visiting my blog. :P:P

Jerry said...

wa... hiong lar u... so brave and dare to post this kinda entry! or may b u should put


Anonymous said...

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