Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April FooL - The Day I Create The Nick CrazyfooL

April fool is the day I create my nick CrazyfooL many years ago. I wanted to create a nick because that time I often play games (CS) which require a nick. I think some time I can do crazy stuff which other people will not do, then I started to think of crazy this word. With only crazy, it is really so simple.

Coincidently when I planning to create a nick, it was on April Fool. Yeah, I think that I am fool some time, act like a fool is not really something bad because its actually let people laugh and having fun of it. Therefore, I finally create my nick "CrazyfooL". I hope one day I can have crazyfool.com.

Today is April Fool. Is almost a year I started blogging. I wish everyone dont get shocked or fool until like this :
This picture taken for a post about face expression.

Happy April FooL !!
Wait wait....

Today I going to introduce a NEW Blogger as well.
She is a girl that have female version of Crazyfool ! This is why I promote her.

She looks like chipmunk !! Her blog title so call "World of Chipmunk". She is very cute right! hehe Actually she is my gf as well. Please support her chipmunk blog ya. And hey Chipmunk ~ Better you write more fun post ok !!

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Strategy To Avoid Using Rear Belt

Remind back on the post I write last few month about putting on seat belt, today I would like to discuss a new strategy to avoid using rear belt. I found this new strategy by my own eye, which most of you should have a look at it :

Can you see that Perodua VIVA? Notice something cool? Let's zoom in a bit. This people cool? It's prove that Viva is a very spacious car !
You should have a try too, at least you can release from using rear belt from now on.

I hope people dont do that because I dont think that is really safe to you!!
Attention : Please dont lets your kid to play in the car, especially create new "seat" "bed" behind the car, this is not safe and expected to have "double attack" if accident happen.
Thank You !

Friday, March 20, 2009

My New Room And CHIPMUNK Doll !!

I used to have a very ugly room before, I always feel not comfortable to live in such room.
My room view.
Old decoration with postcard and fish photo which put on by my brother many years ago.

A very messy room. This is just half side of my room.
Another side is computer desk and table which I dint show it.
The paint of the wall even peel of already.
Living in this kind of room already give me a feeling of crush down the whole room like this :

Yah, I cant stand it and I decided to look for new member to help me !!

With the magic of CHIPMUNK have, I have new room !

Pink Memory, Lavender Print and Sky Blue is the colours of my room.
I feel much better now.

For kid, please dont believe doll can paint the wall ok? Actually is all done by myself and it is something not easy yo ! All the furniture have to move and only can paint you know ! Oh yah, I am not promoting I am providing painting service ok? Dont get misunderstand !! Haha

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Injected Hepatitis A & B

Previous post was I went to blood check and the result was :

Hepatitis A NOT DETECTED -_-

Hepatitis B Detected but at LOW PROTECTION LEVEL -_-''

Fine, that's why I din't score A and B for my test for a long time.
This mean I have to go for injection for both Hepatitis A and B.
The chinese word at middle says "Dont let it got chance to attack, take action today".
Yala yala, I know I am weak, my body dont have immune Hepatitis A and low protection level of B, so I direct go to injection after get the result. Now is the short video on how the injection look like :
(Blood flow all over the floor)

Injection Of Hepatitis A and B
Tell you I dont even notice the doctor inject on my hand, no pain feeling at all. Or My nerve got problem that I not sure. So no worry if you want go to inject as well. Just relax and have fun~
But you will feel your hand a bit weak after injection, not sure the causes, maybe is the "AB warrior" start jogging around my hand to my whole body.
Anyway, it cost me RM 135, my wallet is really blood flow all over the counter, so painful !!
Still need two more injection on 14 April and 14 Setember. Yeah ~ I believe now I have stronger protection liao ~ ABABABABAB bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B - May Kill You

What is Hepatitis A or B ? I hear about this for a long time already but I never know it in detail. If you don't know, is better you check it here : Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B

Because it is some kind of virus that MAY KILL YOU !!
If your test or exam always cant score A or B, it may cause of this virus too.
That is only for stupid to believe it.

You see, This virus is 100 Times more infectious than HIV ! How Dangerous it is !
Is better You get serious now and know more about Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B.

For my fellow friends that not at home and always consume outside food,
your chance is higher to get infected you know ! Well, if you not yet get infected, at least you can take step to prevent this virus !

Go for blood test to see do your body Immune system for
Hepatitis A and B is still positive or negative.

A short video show that my hand blood is sucked !

See? One small bottle of my blood is ready for test.
( I hope I don't get HIV )
as well as
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B

After suck, lousy handy plaster is provided and I drop it after few hour.

Now look at another hand. This is high potential with low immune system hand because this fat hand have consume many outside food few year ago.
Doctor cant find his vein exactly because alot fat oil is cover up.
So the doctor decide to poke this hand with eye close.

Ah.. he is lucky, the doctor poke into the right place. Suckkkkkk
Reminder: If you never go to check this type of things, is better you go to check so that you can prevent the sickness earlier. If you not enough any of it, you can go for injection to let your body have the immune system !

Friday, March 6, 2009

This Is Not Your Good Year, Mouse!

Last few day, my mom trapped a mouse. Mouse, this is not your year loh, why come visit my house? You should hide at some where loh.. This remind me a long story which happen many years ago, around 2004 and I decided to share with everyone here.

I did share this story from my very poor website that time, and quite alot people have fun read it. The website : Here

But I will blog it at here, so it will be the same things now. Story :

The story start after I back from national service (2004). I have a computer room.My computer room have some box fill with things.One day,I found one of the box have 7 little mouse.Wah ! How come ! Must be the naughty mouse want to conquer my room ! Lucky i found them first.So I take the box out of my room and close it and put outside my house.Few day later all gone ! Wondering how there can run away...............

The Story was continue after about one month.I saw the little naughty mouse was in my room ! They run so quick ! And they like to hide ! Like playing "Zuo Mi Chang" (Hide and Seek ) !! Haha! Beside that, a bigger mouse I found in my Kitchen. Nowsday,mouse really naughty and clever !!

Guess what is inside that white box ? An old keyboard was use to make sure the things inside cannot run away ! Haha ! Guess what is inside the i-Cute Box ? Another one that hide in a old printer, so hard to make it out, so just throw the printer inside the box and wait him come out to the box. Then just remove the printer inside. This one also very naughty run around the room and finally hide in the bookcase.I use the old way to catch him. Hehehe
I will slowly move the plastic bag to the white box.Then later something inside the box will get in the plastic bag !! Yeah, good idea !! Come on, say Hi to everybody ! This is our first meet ! My name is "Do". Do I look handsome?
Yah ! I am the one hide inside the old printer, and finally I get into this box. My name is "Re" It's just like a dream. Nightmare, never think I will fall into Crazyfool hand, hai~ Duno what he will did to me. Ha Leh Lu Yah...Kik Kik !

Ops! Another one I have to use this style of catching mouse. Hehehehe !

Life is so short ! My name is "Mi"Why ! Why ! Why is me ! Let me free ! Let me free !

Eh ? Brother you also here ? Oh... Finally we meet again ! Do Re Mi !

I am the most bad luck one.My name is "Fa". My head hit by a stick suddenly make me cacat ki. So I have more oxigen.
I am the oldest one. I more naughty than them. My name is "So". I discover Crazyfool house's kitchen. On the way, Crazyfool suddenly come to kitchen. So I run inside to the casing. Too bad, I found I have no way out anymore. Because of Crazyfool lock it. All your fault. I have been locked inside this stupid place for 45 hour before Crazyfool have time to find me. Too late, my body already likes stone. Anyway do you saw me ? I beside that green plate. I sleep under that plate. However Crazyfool found me after take away that plate. Can you see some chair there? Stupid Crazyfool still think I alive, worry I will run away after take the things inside so make a border. I still sleeping, sorry cannot say hi to you!
I worry you cannot see me. See how sweet that I sleeping there. But for my advise, you should sleep in a better place. This place is not so safe ! Believe it or not ! Up to you !
Oh ! Yi Jia Tuan Yuan Eh ! (Reunion day Oh! ) Shi shang zhi you ma ma hao ~~! (Mama is the best) Do Re Mi Fa So ! Let we sing it loud !
Ma Ma ! Wake up liao ! We are on tv ! Don't sleep liao ! Haiyo !
Don't care her ! My mom like to sleep too much !
Hai ! I am the last one. My name is "La". Crazyfool already start play computer liao. He din't notice me. But ! Bad luck his friends notice me ! Because I so stupid ! I make kik kik kik sound ! I play at the old cpu. When they notice me. I hide inside the old cpu. I also duno when Crazyfool hand come to pick my tail. Haiya..Soi, my tail come out let him saw. Nevermind, I have better chance to take photo not like others. Smile ! Cheeze !Yeah ! We are happy family ! Haiyo, but still left one youngest brother leh."La" leh ? Where he go ? Ops.....
Ops.....Already eaten by this monster. Wondering who is that. Eat one of our family. Our meat is so expensive ! Got vitamin A,B,C,D ! Good for healthy !

Duno why, finally that monster din't eat my youngest brother,"La". Yeah ! Do Re Mi Fa So La, ops one elder brother "Ti" was missing ! Sorry, Crazyfool duno still have one. In the process he make this website (here). He saw another mouse on his computer table ! Just behind the monitor ! Wondering why this mouse so stupid ! So Crazyfool catch him lo. But that time, that Do Re Mi Fa So La already send to another places. Crazyfool let them free at some place near telekom,sheess...don't tell anybody oh ! Later Crazyfool will send "Ti"to the place near there again hehe. Hope "Ti" can find Do Re Mi Fa So La ! This story was end at last. Hope no more story liao. Thanks you !

This is the long long story happen at 2004, hope every one enjoy reading~ Have a nice weekend! ( watch out any mouse at your home~ )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Means Of Life Launch Today

Today I officially Launch My New blog:
I hope this blog will not over boring you,
together discuss life issue,
understand more about life,
and that's it.
"The more you understand life, the better person you are."
Welcome to visit my new blog.
A day together discuss about life, and make history to myself,
I wish that my children my grand grand children can see my blog in future.