Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April FooL - The Day I Create The Nick CrazyfooL

April fool is the day I create my nick CrazyfooL many years ago. I wanted to create a nick because that time I often play games (CS) which require a nick. I think some time I can do crazy stuff which other people will not do, then I started to think of crazy this word. With only crazy, it is really so simple.

Coincidently when I planning to create a nick, it was on April Fool. Yeah, I think that I am fool some time, act like a fool is not really something bad because its actually let people laugh and having fun of it. Therefore, I finally create my nick "CrazyfooL". I hope one day I can have crazyfool.com.

Today is April Fool. Is almost a year I started blogging. I wish everyone dont get shocked or fool until like this :
This picture taken for a post about face expression.

Happy April FooL !!
Wait wait....

Today I going to introduce a NEW Blogger as well.
She is a girl that have female version of Crazyfool ! This is why I promote her.

She looks like chipmunk !! Her blog title so call "World of Chipmunk". She is very cute right! hehe Actually she is my gf as well. Please support her chipmunk blog ya. And hey Chipmunk ~ Better you write more fun post ok !!


Marciana said...

Dada i look so ugly x.x
Eeww... Next time take better picture of me pls =)
Love you dada *kiss

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Marciana, he purposely put so ugxxx photos one... you know why?

So that... people wont feel interested in you!!!

That is a 陷阱!! beware!!

Nvm, if he dun want you, let me know... i sayang you! make him jeolous gaogao...


Jia Shin said...

i like ur gf, she's so cute :)

Anonymous said...

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