Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B - May Kill You

What is Hepatitis A or B ? I hear about this for a long time already but I never know it in detail. If you don't know, is better you check it here : Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B

Because it is some kind of virus that MAY KILL YOU !!
If your test or exam always cant score A or B, it may cause of this virus too.
That is only for stupid to believe it.

You see, This virus is 100 Times more infectious than HIV ! How Dangerous it is !
Is better You get serious now and know more about Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B.

For my fellow friends that not at home and always consume outside food,
your chance is higher to get infected you know ! Well, if you not yet get infected, at least you can take step to prevent this virus !

Go for blood test to see do your body Immune system for
Hepatitis A and B is still positive or negative.

A short video show that my hand blood is sucked !

See? One small bottle of my blood is ready for test.
( I hope I don't get HIV )
as well as
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B

After suck, lousy handy plaster is provided and I drop it after few hour.

Now look at another hand. This is high potential with low immune system hand because this fat hand have consume many outside food few year ago.
Doctor cant find his vein exactly because alot fat oil is cover up.
So the doctor decide to poke this hand with eye close.

Ah.. he is lucky, the doctor poke into the right place. Suckkkkkk
Reminder: If you never go to check this type of things, is better you go to check so that you can prevent the sickness earlier. If you not enough any of it, you can go for injection to let your body have the immune system !


Marciana said...

haha.. i saw dada's nail.. i paint one.. so nice =)

Borneo Falcon said...

I afraid to go for blood test cuz I had phobia with needles

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

lol... good awareness program!!

Our malaysian gov should ask u as director in giving awareness program!!

Please do some awareness on demam denggi~ must be very funny too!

Keep going~~ ^_^

reanaclaire said...

so...results sudah out? how? any certainly not .. hopefully not..all the best to the test..

TNH said...

That fat hand seem familiar..
However i think nowaday the moment a baby is bone, injection to prevent this virus is given. But some people need few injection to keep his/her body immune to this virus

Anonymous said...

If not wrong, my dad is killed by this disease.
That time we were super poor, didn't have much money to cure it and i was just 4 years old during that time. :(
Take good care all of u thr!