Friday, March 6, 2009

This Is Not Your Good Year, Mouse!

Last few day, my mom trapped a mouse. Mouse, this is not your year loh, why come visit my house? You should hide at some where loh.. This remind me a long story which happen many years ago, around 2004 and I decided to share with everyone here.

I did share this story from my very poor website that time, and quite alot people have fun read it. The website : Here

But I will blog it at here, so it will be the same things now. Story :

The story start after I back from national service (2004). I have a computer room.My computer room have some box fill with things.One day,I found one of the box have 7 little mouse.Wah ! How come ! Must be the naughty mouse want to conquer my room ! Lucky i found them first.So I take the box out of my room and close it and put outside my house.Few day later all gone ! Wondering how there can run away...............

The Story was continue after about one month.I saw the little naughty mouse was in my room ! They run so quick ! And they like to hide ! Like playing "Zuo Mi Chang" (Hide and Seek ) !! Haha! Beside that, a bigger mouse I found in my Kitchen. Nowsday,mouse really naughty and clever !!

Guess what is inside that white box ? An old keyboard was use to make sure the things inside cannot run away ! Haha ! Guess what is inside the i-Cute Box ? Another one that hide in a old printer, so hard to make it out, so just throw the printer inside the box and wait him come out to the box. Then just remove the printer inside. This one also very naughty run around the room and finally hide in the bookcase.I use the old way to catch him. Hehehe
I will slowly move the plastic bag to the white box.Then later something inside the box will get in the plastic bag !! Yeah, good idea !! Come on, say Hi to everybody ! This is our first meet ! My name is "Do". Do I look handsome?
Yah ! I am the one hide inside the old printer, and finally I get into this box. My name is "Re" It's just like a dream. Nightmare, never think I will fall into Crazyfool hand, hai~ Duno what he will did to me. Ha Leh Lu Yah...Kik Kik !

Ops! Another one I have to use this style of catching mouse. Hehehehe !

Life is so short ! My name is "Mi"Why ! Why ! Why is me ! Let me free ! Let me free !

Eh ? Brother you also here ? Oh... Finally we meet again ! Do Re Mi !

I am the most bad luck one.My name is "Fa". My head hit by a stick suddenly make me cacat ki. So I have more oxigen.
I am the oldest one. I more naughty than them. My name is "So". I discover Crazyfool house's kitchen. On the way, Crazyfool suddenly come to kitchen. So I run inside to the casing. Too bad, I found I have no way out anymore. Because of Crazyfool lock it. All your fault. I have been locked inside this stupid place for 45 hour before Crazyfool have time to find me. Too late, my body already likes stone. Anyway do you saw me ? I beside that green plate. I sleep under that plate. However Crazyfool found me after take away that plate. Can you see some chair there? Stupid Crazyfool still think I alive, worry I will run away after take the things inside so make a border. I still sleeping, sorry cannot say hi to you!
I worry you cannot see me. See how sweet that I sleeping there. But for my advise, you should sleep in a better place. This place is not so safe ! Believe it or not ! Up to you !
Oh ! Yi Jia Tuan Yuan Eh ! (Reunion day Oh! ) Shi shang zhi you ma ma hao ~~! (Mama is the best) Do Re Mi Fa So ! Let we sing it loud !
Ma Ma ! Wake up liao ! We are on tv ! Don't sleep liao ! Haiyo !
Don't care her ! My mom like to sleep too much !
Hai ! I am the last one. My name is "La". Crazyfool already start play computer liao. He din't notice me. But ! Bad luck his friends notice me ! Because I so stupid ! I make kik kik kik sound ! I play at the old cpu. When they notice me. I hide inside the old cpu. I also duno when Crazyfool hand come to pick my tail. Haiya..Soi, my tail come out let him saw. Nevermind, I have better chance to take photo not like others. Smile ! Cheeze !Yeah ! We are happy family ! Haiyo, but still left one youngest brother leh."La" leh ? Where he go ? Ops.....
Ops.....Already eaten by this monster. Wondering who is that. Eat one of our family. Our meat is so expensive ! Got vitamin A,B,C,D ! Good for healthy !

Duno why, finally that monster din't eat my youngest brother,"La". Yeah ! Do Re Mi Fa So La, ops one elder brother "Ti" was missing ! Sorry, Crazyfool duno still have one. In the process he make this website (here). He saw another mouse on his computer table ! Just behind the monitor ! Wondering why this mouse so stupid ! So Crazyfool catch him lo. But that time, that Do Re Mi Fa So La already send to another places. Crazyfool let them free at some place near telekom,sheess...don't tell anybody oh ! Later Crazyfool will send "Ti"to the place near there again hehe. Hope "Ti" can find Do Re Mi Fa So La ! This story was end at last. Hope no more story liao. Thanks you !

This is the long long story happen at 2004, hope every one enjoy reading~ Have a nice weekend! ( watch out any mouse at your home~ )


rambochai said...

ush --- what a gelik oh----~

Dudu said...

hihi dada, this story made me remember you till now =)

Junoey said...

wa...tis is ur house? y u did nt clean ur house? hmm....

Borneo Falcon said...

Man! There are so many mouse

amiey alen said...

kasian nye!!!!

re-link me @

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...



You gain my respect!!

Love your funny and crazy and siao story so so much!!

Thanks for sharing!!

If can be chosen, next generation i dun want to mouse jor!! meet you this kind of crazy!! @_@"

Anonymous said...

You starved em to death? insane!

Kipas said...

banyak giler tikus... ternak ker??

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Just curios...the big one (mother) died already ar? or they stil minum her susu?

Racheal Tan said...

Hahahhaha...What a nice way to make up this mouse trap story. Total Coolness!!