Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Betta Fry Is Growing Big ! Finally Success !

If you have read on my betta fish story part 1, part 2, part 3, you should know that I actually have a hobby in feeding this kind of fish. From part 3, actually you can see I have alot betta fish before. But that time I not quite expert in taking care, at the end, non of them survive after some time. Sad. I also ever breed betta fry twice, which got around 100-300 betta fry, but all die and only 1 survive.

For my own principle, I never give up easily, I go to buy one more time. Beginning of this year, I brought this, male Betta fish, consider as Salamander type, but not the best gene, so not really look like it.
I still like it because this Betta got 3 colous, red, electric blue and pearl white. I brought one female betta as well, it is fully white. I dint take photo of it. This time, I have get ready everything and I let my male betta rape my female betta ! The result is success and I get many betta fry !!
The betta fry is about near to around two month when I take this photo. When it just born, they are really tiny. See your self :
Growing these fry is not a very easy job, you have to take care their food, make sure water is suitable and clean. Finally I success to grow them up to a earsier stage to take care.
Its fun to breeding fish and grow them up. Especially if you breed with different type of dad and mom, the outcome will be very different but will not be a good type. Yesterday I just brought 2 more new betta.

Lousy gene of Gold Halfmoon Betta

And Black Copper Betta I think.
Hoping to breed them in future. Yeah~ I got more more fish.. haha..


Marciana said...

I also got small fishy~~
From the 1st batch, left 2 bigger ones, 2nd batch(no out come) i suspect the male is a gay..
3rd batch, left 9.. growing fast...
I seldom feed my fishy, cos lazy and busy.. But they are quite setia to me, din die yet..
When i see dada's fishy i so jealous, they so big and so many.. i wan poison them.. hahaha...
I wan mate my female fish with the very aggressive make fish again.. hehe.. The female very tahan, and the male become more hiao!!!

CH Voon said...




CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

is that a Guppy fish?

eunice said...

wow have u thought of selling betta fish in the future as a biz?

TNH said...

is that the one i see before at your house?? really can't remember the still look small for me..haha

Anonymous said...

They arent living long bc you have a horrible habbitat for them! If your betta dies before its 3yrs old, you are doing something wrong. They need at LEAST 2.5 gallons of water.. In the wild, they have miles of territory.. They need a heater.. They are a tropical fish.. if you keep them in cold water they become lethargic.
Please research before you try to raise an animal!
My 9 female bettas are in a heated, planted, filtered 55gallon tank. I've had them for 4years - no deaths.

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