Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Dumplings Day ! 端午节快乐!

Previous year, I used to blog about dumplings day too, it is on 8 June 2008, this year fall on 28 May 2009. If you want to know why got this celebration, you can go to read my post previous year.

Delicious dumplings given by dudu.. hehe..
Time pass really fast that not realize I already blog one year something already. Here I wish everyone Happy Dumplings Day and eat many many dumplings. I will update my blog again about my working to Kapit and Sibu soon. Thanks everyone for your support!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaving Home A Week

Tomorrow I going to Sibu and Kapit for road show of Kuching City Mall shop (on sale), interested can call me 0168859068 Haha . It has been a long time I dint left home, things bother me when I need to leave home is:

My fish, now is much bigger already.
My Cute Hamster, hope got baby already when I back.
All my pet was pass to my mom, hoping that she will take good care of it, hope all survive haha. Beside that, my study also have to left out for 4 day, but it not really influence me alot because I can catch up easily because lecture teaching is much useless than I study my self usually.
Leaving on this week also make me missed my government dentist appointment on tuesday which I wait for 3 month. Bobien. So hopefully my this trip will not make me empty hand home haha.
Last and not least, I want to tell my dudu I will miss you always !! Miss you ~ Take good care arR! Wait dada back ~~

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Am A Famous Singer !!

I am a very Famous singer many years ago.
But I am sure no one know me,
so this post I want to to let everyone know how "good" I can sing.
Profile : Singer (Many many Years Ago)

Yes, this is me ! Singing during Kinder Garden Graduation !
Make sure you dont miss the video below. I have alot fans one you know?
Hooo ! I sing till want fighting cho ! My punch powerful o !

Watch the video, and listen what the girl said, I am a her and not a him.

This song is very meanful, it teach people to be brave in facing problem,
searching for dreams, be tough and face the future by using a bird (seagull) to describe it.

海鸥 飞在蓝蓝海上
挥着翅膀 看着前方
不会 迷失方向
飞的越高 看的越远
我愿像 海鸥一样
那么 勇敢坚强
海鸥 飞在蓝蓝海上
挥着翅膀 看着前方
不会 迷失方向
飞的越高 看的越远
我愿像 海鸥一样
那么 勇敢坚强

The video was actually recorded in this video tape. Last few year just send to convert into cd. Lucky it still not yet broken, it worth for me to pay for it. This tape already around 14 years old. Looking back old videos, from video tape transform into now cd, time change really fast, hope that everyone appreciate their times and life ! Because time is life!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour Day

Today is a very meanful day to every worker, because it's a holiday to them. As I remember, I often listen people said, if you dont study well, next time become rubbish collector, wash toilet and others job which sound very low status.

I here to speak and voice up my opinion that, never never look down at the people which do very low status job or very low pay job. I really hate those people that like to compare their job with others and show off how much they can earn.

If there is no toilet cleaner, do you think you can enjoy your pee in toilet?

Especially when some company teach people saying that, you do all these lousy job got what use, salary so low, high stress, you should join us in selling our product, you will definately rich.

Do you think you can earn alot money mean you have a very high status and standard?

Here I say, "PUIIIIII" pui pui !!

Without these labour worker in construction,

you think you can build and live in a beautiful house?

In a beautiful city?


Without them, your house will full of rubbish.

And any of you who think rubbish worker is very lousy people,

I am sorry to say that your brain is full of rubbish.

No matter they are educated or not,

they have did a very wonderful job and,

We never realize how important is their job and they willing to do it for us.

For those who think these people have a very lousy job, I suggest you go to learn blowjob.


Happy Labour Day

"Respect every people no matter what job they do"